Time for an Overhaul

Rosa Linda

Hello New Mexicast friends! This is Rosa Linda Román, finally checking in after utter silence here on NewMexicast.com for far too long.

Thanks to social media, most New Mexicast subscribers already know the exciting adventure that is happening in my life right now but in case you haven’t heard yet, here it is…

The Dawn Treader Lagoon 450 sailing catamaran

My family moved onto a 45 foot sailing catamaran called the Dawn Treader. With 3 kids and a German Shepherd puppy onboard it has been an amazing experience already and I am sure there will be plenty more stories to tell in the coming months.

The reason I am writing now is because New Mexicast needs an overhaul. The website itself had been sorely neglected while I was busy doing the weekly, half-hour TV show in Albuquerque and then neglected some more when I prepared my family to move onto the catamaran. Because of that neglect it was left vulnerable to spam and other junk and I cringed at the thought of trying to tackle one more thing with all that was on my plate.

But no more. I am now getting up every day before the kids (and the sun) to slowly tackle this poor, neglected site. My goal is to shore it up, spruce it up, and then use it again as a place to share some of these adventures we are having along the way.

If you are already on my New Mexicast subscriber list I want to thank you, and warn you. There may be a few emails sent out accidentally as I delete plugins and simplify this site. (In fact, I just got one myself, which alerted me to the fact that this might happen.) Apologies in advance if this happens. I hope you will stick with me as I fix what was broken and return to what matters most to me. (And if you aren’t on the New Mexicast subscriber list but would like to join us on this adventure, please consider signing up by clicking here.)

Mother-Daughter snorkeling fun!

Much more to come as we explore new horizons both literally and figuratively.

Lots of love,

Rosa Linda

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