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NM002 Creative Schooling from Hope Town, Bahamas to New Mexico

Hello friends! In last week’s episode of New Mexi-Castaways podcast I took you back to February of 2015, as I was just starting to think about making the transition from producing my TV show, New Mexicast to whatever the next chapter would bring. This episode was recorded just one month later, but you can already start to hear how much had changed. (more…)

NM0038 – Junior Junkanoo

JUNIOR JUNKANOO - The Most Enchanting Video Podcast continues sailing in the Bahamas with another episode of New Mexi-Castaways! (more…)

NM0037 – Hope Town Coffee

HOPE TOWN COFFEE - The Most Enchanting Video Podcast sails to tropical climates as "New Mexi-Castaways!" (more…)

NM0032 – Night Crossing

Click to play Hello Friends and a belated Happy New Year! This quick audio episode explains a bit about why things have been so quiet around here lately. Exciting things are on the horizon! I can't wait to share them with all of you. Lots of love, Rosa Linda

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