NMC023 Deck of Dawn Treader

Rosa Linda

Recorded: July 11, 2016
Location: Riviera Beach, Florida
Subject: Meeting my new nephew, enjoying more visitors, re-KonMari-ing, and special time with my daughter Ahava.

Hello friends!

First, let me just say THANK YOU! This is New Mexi-Castaways’ 23rd episode and it has been a joy for me to be able to share these episodes with all of you.

This week we continue our trip back to July 2016 just a month after my family moved onto the sailing catamaran s/v Dawn Treader. From the time we left our home in New Mexico and started our liveaboard lives in Florida, we had had a steady stream of visitors. Anyone who knows me knows how happy that makes me.

Listening back to this episode now (in December 2020) I am struck by how easy our movements were back then. We had a new nephew in North Carolina, so we drove up to meet him and then my daughter and I just hopped on a train back to Florida. Easy-peasy!

I hope this episode brings you fond memories of family visits without masks and times when we enjoyed the freedom of movement. Fingers crossed that we will be there again in the not-too-distant future.

Thanks for listening. Be well, my friends!

Lots of love,

Rosa Linda

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Episode Transcript:

Rosa Linda Román (00:00): Hello, everyone. Welcome to New Mexicast. I'm Rosa Linda Román. And before we get started, I want to share what you can expect here on this podcast. First, you should know that my family lives on a sailing catamaran, and this is my personal audio journal. What you're about to hear is an episode from 2016, when we were just starting our journey of moving from our home in New Mexico onto the boat. As a long time broadcast journalist, I wasn't sure how I was going to keep working while pursuing this crazy new lifestyle. This journal is where I worked through a lot of things, both personally and professionally. That means you will hear about experiments with new technologies like Blab and Periscope and testing out systems to make the move easier like Wild Tree meal prep and KonMari for downsizing our stuff. As you can imagine, some of these experiments were successful while some like Blab and Wild Tree don't even exist anymore. But I decided to leave even the failed experiments in this audio journal so you could get the whole story of how we went from New Mexicast to New Mexi-Castaways. If you like what you hear, please stick around till the end and I'll share how you can find out where we are now and how you can get much more content by joining the New Mexi-Castaways crew. Enjoy! Theme Music: 00:00 Sailing away on a boat. Hailing from New Mexico. Enchanting stories as they go. Riding the tides, taking your time. Sailing away on a boat. Rosa Linda Román: 00:29 Hello and welcome to New Mexicast the audio edition or what I like to call New Mexi-Castaways. I have to pause for a moment as a helicopter goes overhead. That was a search and rescue chopper it looks like. Orange and white and it looks like it's about to land on Peanut Island, which is our neighbor right now. Let me back up and introduce myself. My name is Rosa Linda Román. I have a TV show called New Mexicast in New Mexico where I have had it for several years. But just within the last month my family and I moved on to a 45 foot sailing catamaran and the boat is called the Dawn Treader. We are at a marina right now in West Palm Beach and actually Riviera Beach Marina. And it's a nice spot right across from a lovely little island called Peanut Island and that's where I'm sitting up on the upper deck at the helm area. I thought I would do more recording along the way on our move here. But it has been a whirlwind month. So basically, I'm thinking about it, I think it was this time last month that we were leaving New Mexico in June. Rosa Linda Román: 01:54 Yeah, just about, we probably got to the boat right about a month ago. And right after that, one week after we arrived at the boat, my family arrived. We had visitors for the rest of the time since we've been here. And we also took a quick trip up to North Carolina to meet my new nephew, Liam. And he is awesomely adorable. But it's been really awesome and fun and busy and crazy. A lot of sleep deprivation with people visiting who are night owls and I'm a morning person. It is the morning right now as I'm recording this and I have next to us, our neighboring boat is called the Sea Scout. It's a dive boat. And every morning the um, the captain preps the boat a few hours before everyone else shows up. And now all the people who are going to be diving with them are here and uh, they're about to take off. You'll probably hear them turn on the engines in a minute. But every day, sometimes twice a day he takes out a dive crew. His name's Dustin, Sea Scout out of a Riviera Beach Marina. So, if you ever want to go for a dive, you can tell him Rosa Linda sent you. There you go, you can hear it. Listen, they just fired up the engines kind of here it a little bit. It's not cranked up all the way yet. Rosa Linda Román: 03:23 Ah, so that's one of our neighbors. And another one of our neighbors is the Majestic Princess. It's over in the distance at the end of the dock. And this is a big um, like dinner cruise boat that has a lot of people on board this morning. Normally they never have anyone on board until the evening when they take out the dinner cruises at sunset. But right now there are dozens and dozens of people aboard the Majestic Princess because the, what is it, CPB, cbp.gov which I think is the Customs and Border Protection, something like that. So basically border patrol on the water are here having some kind of demonstration cause there's lots and lots of people milling about. And they set up some tents and I've just watched over the last two hours as, as it started with some of the customs or the border people. And then eventually all the reporters showed up with their crew. Rosa Linda Román: 04:32 So a reporter, photographer, videographer team arrived and walked out to the Majestic Princess and then followed by dozens of police officers and other, I'm assuming it's for the customs people. I see them milling about in a boat, in the distance. Um, looks like they might do some kind of demonstration for the visiting news crews. So, um, I've been just kind of watching the happenings on the water this morning. I've been watching it with my, my partner in crime here on deck. She's the reason I get up so early. We have a new puppy. Her name is Nala, like the, the um, what do you call it? The girlfriend or wife? Eventual wife to Simba from the Lion King. That's where we got the name Nala from my niece, Leah named her. She is a new puppy to us and a brand new German Shepherd. She's probably 12 weeks old now and she's grown tremendously from when we got her a few weeks ago. Basically we moved onboard. We then got Nala like maybe five days later and then we had visitors arrive a few days later. So you can imagine potty training a puppy on a boat and welcoming guests on a boat, which we were still not even moved onto yet, has been a little crazy, but I love it. You know, I love my family and I love, I love just the whole process has been a lot of fun. Um and there goes the sea scout, you can hear it. It's a noisy boat, but they are going out to sea and they'll go do some diving. And I have to admit I'm a little bit jealous. Right now we are staying put here at the marina because my husband Nathan, Captain Nathan, um, aka Dr. Nath, is uh, doing his clinical work. He, he flies back to New Mexico, uh, once a month. This month, it was twice a month, but generally once a month for a week where he goes and does his clinical work. In New Mexico, in Alamogordo, New Mexico. He loves to work down there cause it's a rural setting and he gets to do a lot of really important, fun medical procedures that he otherwise wouldn't get to do. And some of the bigger cities that have larger, more well-staffed, um, hospitals, they don't, they basically break those, um, those jobs down to lots of different people. But in a small rural environment, whoever's on scene at that moment when somebody comes in and needs help, gets to do that work. Rosa Linda Román: 07:28 And He loves to do those procedures. And so Nathan continues to fly back to New Mexico. And he is there for this week. Meanwhile, my family, the kids and I… Well first of all, Miss Linda, who has lived, who is our now liveaboard nanny, came with us from New Mexico. And because my family was coming, we had her fly back to New Mexico to just take the week actually, was it two weeks? Yeah, almost two weeks. To just go home while my family's here so we could use her room for extra sleeping and she just got back. And so Linda, my daughter Ahava, who is 11, and myself are the three plus the dog on the boat right now. The other kids are going with my sister and mom to Chicago to spend a week doing Grammy week or actually two weeks. And so Samuel, five-year-old Samuel and nine year old Ziva are going up to Chicago. Right now, they're in North Carolina meeting Liam and then moving on from there. So it's a little weird not having very many people here on the boat. We have a lot of room to move. Uh, it's been really funny to have so many people and then now so few people but it's nice to be back on deck. There's a lot of work that needs to be done. Oh, by the way, the reason I have a, I didn't get to go to Chicago is she is a competitive gymnast and she made the choice that she is in intensive training right now trying to get to the next level in gymnastics before we figure out where we're sailing to or what we're doing next. She found a really great gym here called the Palm Beach Gymnastics I think. And so she is hunkering down and working hard to try to get to the next level before competition season starts. Rosa Linda Román: 09:29 And so because of that, she can't take a week or two off just to go hang out with the cousins, which is sad. But you know, I guess that's the choice you make when you're a competitive athlete. Um, so it's just us. So today she does not have gymnastics and we're going to go catch a one of the summer free movies over here at the local theater and then we're coming back here and we're going to do what we did when we left New Mexico, which is KonMari, our stuff. And if you haven't listened to past episodes, you might not know what I'm talking about. KonMari is the organization system that I used to downsize my house. It's actually a clutter, a decluttering system and that it's by a woman named Marie Kondo. She wrote a book called the life changing magic of tidying up. And we use that book as a guide to help us go through our whole house in New Mexico and cut back and downsize and get ready to move here onto the boat. Rosa Linda Román: 10:36 We only brought what fit in our Expedition. It was a very snug trip. Every space was taken in the car. And now that we're here on the boat and finally starting to actually move in, I realize we have too much stuff already. We have to KonMari here on the boat as well. So Ahava's my KonMari warrior or one of them, and she's really good at helping me decide what to get rid of, not for me but for herself. And um, and also just the organization part where you fold clothes and put them away a certain way. We still haven't done that. Once we got here again, we had guests and we just had to use up every available space for, for visitors and suitcases and whatever. So now that everybody's gone, we're going to sit down and really go through the house, completely and downsize more before the other kids come back. And yeah, so that's what we're doing today. We're going to do some more KonMari-ing and hopefully reduce, seriously reduce the number of things we have here on the boat. Because one of the things you learn very quickly is clutter adds up. It multiplies very, very quickly. And so you've got to have clear surfaces when you're on a boat. Cause when you're underway, um, you cannot have things on counters and tables. You have to have everything put away. Everything has to have a place and if it doesn't, it needs to go. So, and the whole premise of KonMari is everything that you keep must spark joy. And at this point I can already tell certain things that don't. So there's no reason to have them here on the boat. So that's what we're working on since we're here at the marina and Nathan's gone. Rosa Linda Román: 12:22 It's, we don't, I don't move the boat without him. I don't feel comfortable with it. And I just as soon work on prepping things and getting things ready so that when he does come, it feels even better to be here because you know when you have clutter it's overwhelming and it affects everybody's mood. So yeah, I'm going to work on the boat today with the Ahava and Miss Linda and yeah, that's about all I wanted to say. It's kind of funny. I'll, I'll say watching the people on the Majestic Princess walk down the dock in their very fancy anchor reporter gear makes me chuckle. I noticed they just went and made a beeline straight to the boat and didn't look around, didn't notice all the cool things on the other boats. Like, you know, we're a family living on a boat. We have a cute dog. Nobody even, like you could tell nobody saw us and nobody saw the dive boat that was prepping to leave. And I just think was that me back when I worked at the local stations, I was invited to a press event and I would just go straight there and not notice anything around me or I'd like to believe I, I found the stories around me that maybe weren't just what the public relations types set up for me, but who knows? You know, when you have a deadline and you got an assignment, you go get what you came to get. And usually that's all you have time for. But yeah, so it's kind of fun to be on the other side of the equation now and just looking at the news crews and thinking about what they're up to and what their story is, but not really caring too much about what, whatever the news that they think is news is. Rosa Linda Román: 14:13 So yeah, I think that's a interesting thing. The way it looks from this side of the equation. All right, well I'm gonna go get my family ready, get Ahava and myself ready so that we can go watch a movie and just spend some time together today. We did take a train trip down from North Carolina cause we left my car with my sister to drive up to Chicago. She's going to sell it, my Expedition, which we've had for many, many years. I put 185,000 miles on it. And so my sister Becky is going to take it and my kids and her kids up to Chicago and then they'll sell my car up there. So Ahava and I took the train down, Amtrak train, from Raleigh, North Carolina down here to our actually to Orlando. And then we got a rental car and we went to the American Girl doll store, which was a very big deal. Rosa Linda Román: 15:10 Ahava had saved up all her money and finally bought herself an American Girl doll and it was just so sweet to watch her go through the store and she got her dolls hair done and nails done. And um, you know, it's just nice to spend this time with her. She's, you know, this tough, competitive athlete and there's so many things about her that are you know, strong and tough, but she's also soft and sweet little girl on the inside. So it's been a joy to share that time. And I don't know if I would have had the time if I hadn't pushed to do this liveaboard that we're doing. I'm really enjoying taking the time and being with each kid and focusing on the things that are present in the present, uh, the presence in the present. Yeah, so that's about it. Rosa Linda Román: 16:03 And, I'm going to go watch a movie and maybe I'll check back in a little later. Thanks for checking in. And again, this is my, just my audio journal. I'm calling it New Mexi-Castaways because we are living on a boat. Um, but yeah, lots of things are gonna take shape in the next few months and I'm going to figure out the best format to share some of our stories and some of the people that we meet along the way, their stories. Um, but for now, audio seems to work really well for me, so I hope you are enjoying this. And if you are, please leave a comment. If you want to see some of my video work, you can go to New Mexicast TV on YouTube. Um, and you always can check out NewMexicast.com for some of our story archives. And finally, if and when I do live streaming, I usually do it on Facebook live, and that's Facebook.com/NewMexicast. Thanks for listening. I'm Rosa Linda Román. Theme Music: 17:04 Sailing away on a boat. Hailing from New Mexico. Enchanting stories as they go. Riding the tides, taking your time. Sailing away on a boat.

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