NMC015 Smart Success Live

Rosa Linda

Recorded: March 4, 2016
Location: Los Angeles & Albuquerque, New Mexico
Subject: Lessons learned from the Smart Success Live event with Chalene Johnson

Hello friends!

Finish what you started. Such a simple statement and one I have heard many times over the years. But as an entrepreneur it is a lesson that I have struggled with. Part of the problem is that there are so many wonderful things that we can spend our time on. So many fun projects. So much to explore. Plus, there is perfectionism to get in the way. Finishing what I started means actually putting it out into the world and facing my fear of my work not being well received by the intended audience. But overcoming fears and stepping out of the comfort zone is often how we can discover our true potential. This was the one of the most important take-aways for me from Chalene Johnson’s fun event, “Smart Success Live,” which my husband, Nathan and I went to in Los Angeles as we were preparing to move onto the boat.

In next week’s episode I will introduce you to the system that helped me let go of the old, to downsize and move onto a boat; KonMari. Until then, I hope you find inspiration to finish that thing you have been putting off, as you go boldly in the direction of your dreams.

Lots of love,

Rosa Linda

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Episode Transcript:

Theme Music: 00:03 Sailing away on a boat. Hailing from New Mexico. Enchanting stories as they go. Riding the tides, taking your time. Sailing away on a boat. Rosa Linda Román:: 00:28 Hello everyone. Welcome to NewMexicast the enchanting show featuring interesting people and places in New Mexico and beyond. This is the audio edition of NewMexicast. And if you are interested in seeing some of the stories on New Mexicast the show, the video show, you can find that on New Mexicast TV on YouTube or just go to NewMexicast.com and I am New Mexicast on all social media platforms. Pretty cool. Awesome. So, um, I'm Rosa Linda Roman, if you're new here, this is my, this is really just my sounding board for the show. I create a New Mexicast the TV show. I've done it for years, since 2007 as a video podcast and then a half hour television show in Albuquerque. And in the process of making that show, you can imagine all the changes and tech advances that have happened in all that time. So I like to share here, this is really just my, a sounding board and a place that, um, I can vent, uh, and think about things and share my process. Rosa Linda Román:: 01:39 So today what is on my mind is a conference that I'm at called smart success live. It is put on by Chalene Johnson and her husband, Brett Johnson. Together. They are Team Johnson. You've heard me, if you've listened to the audio edition, you've heard me mentioned them before. Um, I feel like they're my virtual mentors right now. At this point in my life. I always kind of have somebody that I follow or listen to and, and um, use their techniques to better my own life. That has been the case since I was, um, probably 16 years old and a boyfriend's mother gave me Anthony Robbins. Tony's cassette tapes that, that's old school. You young-ins, won't know what those are. But, um, the audio tape version of, um, she had made a copy of Tony Robbins's, uh, tapes and um, I listened to those religiously. I'd probably have a few of them left, but most of 'em probably broke by the time I, uh, wore them out. Rosa Linda Román:: 02:46 But it really helped me because at the time that I got them, I was, um, living in Miami at home. And then I knew I wanted to go to college, but I had, um, my dad had pulled me aside and said, listen, if you to go to college, you got to figure out how to do that yourself. I can't help at all. And I know it was a big source of stress for him because he did want to help. Um, but it was motivating for me and I'm, I, it's one of the greatest sources of pride that I have in my life that I put myself through college. And, uh, I still debate with my husband today, whether I, whether kids these days should do the same. Um, it seems like it's a whole new world and, and parents go into great debt to, um, pay for their kid's college and, um, I don't, I don't agree with that. Rosa Linda Román:: 03:32 I think that that is part of the growing up process is learning how to, I'm learning how to take care of yourself and, and forge out on your own and, and, um, really earn that, that life, um, that you want. So it, should we not help people? Of course we should. I think that that's, um, you know, of course, but I just worry about my own kids and wonder how do you instill that value of self-sufficiency if everything is handed to them. And also I don't like the thought that, um, parents who really can't afford to spend, send their kids to college, feel this obligation to do so to the detriment of their overall living situation. So, um, anyway, that's a tangent I went on to tell you that I like self-improvement and I like to listen to, um, audio podcasts and cassette and cause that's anymore but cds to um, to really work on myself because I can't live the big life that I have always envisioned. Rosa Linda Román:: 04:37 And then I do live now, um, if I don't constantly work on me because nobody's perfect. And I believe in counseling and I believe in self improvement. So those are two things I never really said a lot publicly, but that is what I think is the foundation and what makes me who I am and able to run my own television show, um, as an independent person while still being a hopefully great mom to my kids. And a great wife to my husband. So here I am in Los Angeles as you can hear them in the car driving through, um, crazy Los Angeles traffic on a Saturday morning. It's a Saturday morning and there's like a gazillion cars on the road right now. Um, but I'm heading to the airport to pick up my husband who is flying into the seminar late. He's joining me, but last night was the daddy daughter dance and of course he needed to take our two sweethearts to the dance. Rosa Linda Román:: 05:36 So he stayed in New Mexico and uh, went to the dance last night and took our two princesses Ahava and Ziva to their dance. It was a hot as last daddy daughter dance, so it was really important that he be there. Um, it was fantastic, it sounds like, and I can't wait to hear the stories, but Nathan just flew in here to Los Angeles, so I'm going to pick them up then we're heading to the seminar. So all of this , I want to tell you first of all, how the first day went about Smart Success because this is, um, I e the way this works is you buy the Smart Success Academy. Um, and then with that academy, which is an online course and you basically have these modules and lessons and you, you work on goal setting and really getting your priorities straight. Uh, as, as Chalene said yesterday, it's all about clarity and confidence, getting the clarity on what you want and then the confidence to make them happen. Rosa Linda Román:: 06:38 So the first day, well first of all, she's like a firecracker. Okay. Chalene is this like ball of energy and I'm a high energy person, but I'm like a wallflower compared to Chalene. OK. So, um, it's really fun because she really brings the energy up in the room. They have dance breaks and, and it's a different seminar. I mean, most seminars, seminars I've been to have been pretty, you know, cut and dry. Um, they're delivering the content, but mostly you're, you're passively listening. Um, this is all, this workshop is all about, like really hands on. You're supposed to be doing the work. And um, and then when you get, you feel like you're just about like you can't sit any longer. She senses that in the room and she'll let be like, okay, we need a dance break, which is great cause we all need a dance break. Rosa Linda Román:: 07:33 But it's interesting cause I feel like I'm a person who really takes the energy in from the people around me. And that can be great. And it can also be really bad because, um, I had a, a lady when I first, the very first part of the morning, I sat in a row next to a woman who might as well be dead. She was just standing there. She wouldn't even stand up most of the time. But she said she was there, she wasn't participating, she wasn't writing, she didn't dance. She had a grimace and a frown on her face. She clearly had come with her daughter who looked like a wild child. But you never know in that crowd. There's a lot of wild child, children in that crowd and they're amazing, wonderful. You know, entrepreneurs and, and world-changing people. But anyway, so you can't judge any of these books by their covers, that's for sure. Rosa Linda Román:: 08:23 Cause if you did, you would think, oh, Chalene's like a cute blonde and she's a fitness girl. But, um, she clearly is so much more so, um, and I, anyway, so I'm sitting next to this really a drip of a woman and, um, and, and it was a good exercise for me to like have to say to myself, okay, I need to not worry about her energy. That's, that's not my problem because that's my, that is my problem, is worrying about everybody else. That's my problem. And so it was a good challenge for me to stay with my happy high energy. Well, standing next to someone, and by the way, on the other side, there was another woman with her daughter. Um, and they, she was a little bit more willing to kind of move, but it, you know, in other rows there are people jumping and, and like, "woohoo!", You know, and, and being crazy, but I got between, I was sandwiched between like the two least dancing people in the room. Rosa Linda Román:: 09:22 And I'm Puerto Rican, sorry. Dancing is in our roots. And so I needed to move. Um, and it was, I was thinking about my husband because he, it's going to be interesting to see how he handles the seminar. Um, he's coming obviously because he loves me. And, uh, the, the Smart Success Academy included two free tickets to this event. And so he's coming with me, but he's already saying, well, um, what, what do we do? You know, can we leave? I, I'm, if it's not that good, can, can I, can we go, maybe we'll go to DisneyWorld. And of course he's like using my secret catch phrase for everything that I love. Cause I obviously love Walt Disney. I mean Disneyland. Uh, and, uh, I used to work at Walt DisneyWorld, so, um, I just said and we'll see. We'll see how Nathan does. But the seminar has been good for me to think about, um, what I want and where I'm going. Rosa Linda Román:: 10:19 And specifically with New Mexicast. Um, I, I took a big break in the middle of the seminar and it was really, you know, Chalene always says you can't multitask. You're, you're, you can do one thing at a time and if you try to do two things, you do both things badly. I don't know if she says it like that, but that's basically my takeaway from it. And, um, I did that yesterday. I was in the seminar, but there was this group on Blab. Um, they're called BTS- Behind The Scenes and it's, um, I forget Steven's last name, but he goes by Tech Buzz and Marty McPatton. These guys put on this show where they, um, they help people learn about the technology that is, that is, um, fueling, if you will, these new platforms and how to use the technology to put together your own show and stuff like that. Rosa Linda Román:: 11:19 They're very techie and it's really good, but it's, some of it is like a little over my head as far as the tech goes. But, um, I liked them and I listened to their, their show. I keep wanting to say podcast, but I think you just call it a Blab at this point in our broadcast. And I listen to their show for tips and ideas and I've been trying to figure out, and here's, here's the crux of it. I've been trying to figure out how to marry NewMexicast the, the show that I have been producing and creating since 2007 with the live element, with the live streaming that is available today. Um, I'm, I definitely think it's the way I want to go, but, um, how to do that is the question. So the bottom line is, I'm trying to marry the way NewMexicast was where I created these very highly produced pieces about people, you know, feature stories, if you will, but long form feature stories about these people that I encounter. Rosa Linda Román:: 12:27 How can I marry that with this live streaming platform and create a show that I enjoy doing and that people enjoy watching? Because the big problem with NewMexicast and all of these ventures that I've tried as an independent person is that it's really hard to get and keep viewers. Like I might get someone coming in to learn about the Fiery Food show because they love Green Chili. And so I'm interviewing Dave Dewitt and I did a story about it. And so they are, they say, okay, great. So I'm going to tune in and maybe even subscribe, but then maybe they're not interested in the next subject matter that I'm interviewing, maybe someone about something else, a balloon fiesta. Maybe they're not interested in that. So how to get people interested in the show itself in a way that, um, makes it worth doing. Rosa Linda Román:: 13:25 Because one of the things I had the realization with, um, with Natalie Goldfein of My Habit Upgrade is I've been working on creating the show with her and I've enjoyed it and it's great as a standalone by itself show. I'm perfectly thrilled with the way it's gone. Um, but the fact is we have no one watching. We, we have, we have some people probably checking it out and replay, but the whole point of the live streaming and why it's so great is that people interact with you. And we don't have that right now. We don't have any interaction. And um, I finally had the realization where when I was talking to Natalie about it the other day that I don't really want, you know, from like, again, like Chorus Line, I don't want a dance for my own enjoyment. I, I want that. I want to maximize the use of this technology to have the kind of engagement that I really enjoy. Um, I have the ability to report live and I'm good at that. I know that, but how to do that in a way that honors the subject and maximizes the technology. So anyway, back to this seminar. I stepped out. All right, I'm going to pause here and finish this at a later date because I got to pick up Nathan from the airport. Rosa Linda Román:: 14:54 Okay. I'm back and I am actually back home in New Mexico. The Smart Success Live Event was amazing. After I left you, I picked up my husband from the airport and we headed straight to the venue. Actually. We went and had breakfast and then we went to the venue, um, which was the Hyatt in Anaheim area and it was very, very awesome. That's the only way to put it. A lot of fun. My husband seemed to enjoy it. Uh, you know, he, he had moments where he, I looked over and he was kind of not into it, but I really do think we both took enough away from the weekend that we will finally break through on some of the areas that have been holding us back. I feel very optimistic today. One of the things that Chalene said is we should look at this as a four day workshop instead of a three day workshop and instead of, uh, doing a bunch of stuff Monday, which is today, uh, we should come back and have a day of doing nothing, uh, data veg to process to look over our notes. Rosa Linda Román:: 16:07 And that's really how I'm feeling today. I, I, I really feel like, wow, there was a lot to take in. Um, normally I wake up at 5:00 AM and have quiet time in my nook and I got in at like 11 o'clock last night and by the time I got home it was 11:30 and I decided, okay, one of the things they talked about is needing more sleep. So I did not have my early morning wake up. I woke up at six instead and use that time to just reconnect with my kids. Nathan had to go onto a business trip directly from LA. So, um, I came home on my own and um, now today I'm just trying to get back to, uh, getting clear on what next. Uh, I think the seminar had a lot, a lot, a lot to offer. Um, and I will do probably a separate episode about all the things that I learned. Rosa Linda Román:: 17:05 In fact, one of the biggest things I learned was you need to finish what you started. And for me, what that means is, uh, finishing the actual course, the online course, Smart Success, um, and all the modules. But also I bought another one of her programs called VBA, which is a Virtual Business Academy. And, um, she talked about how all these people would come to her and ask for advice on this or that. And it drove her nuts because she would say it's in VBA. The answer is in the Virtual Business Academy , which she had gifted to the very people asking these questions. So she was very frustrated that they didn't actually do the work. And so it really, and, and one of the things, thankfully, right before her, um, before this weekend, she put out a podcast about focusing and staying focused and not getting distracted by shiny new objects. Rosa Linda Román:: 18:10 And so, um, that was very helpful because when I got to Smart Success, it turned out they had some of the most amazing guest speakers and each one of them was selling something. Um, the least of which was my favorite guest speaker, which was Pat Flynn, the very guy who has this podcast called Smart Passive Income. And, um, he is the one that introduced me to Shalene when he interviewed her. So I was thrilled that he was the guest speaker, but also Brendan Bouchard and uh, Michael Hyatt. And there was Dr. Daniel Ames, no, not Ames. Dr. Daniel Aman. Aman. And he was a brain, um, expert about getting your brain healthy. So anyway, they all were selling something. And if it weren't for the fact that Chalene had put out this podcast right before that telling us, don't get distracted, stay on course, finish what you started. Rosa Linda Román:: 19:15 I might've pushed to buy one of the other guys' courses or um, you know, cause they, there were some really cool offers that they were offering, but I need to finish what I started already. I don't need another shiny object. I need to do the work and get through it because the Virtual Business Academy teaches the systems how to set up the systems to support your business, your life, and ultimately the, the dream that you want to live. And same thing with Smart Success. That's more emphasized on the life part. Um, but also business as well. But, um, anyway, so that's, I'm coming back with that in mind. And the few things that I know I need to finish. One of them I'm driving home to go do right now. I actually just came home from my daughter's class, um, helping to just volunteer in the classroom. Rosa Linda Román:: 20:10 Anyway, the thing that I need to finish is this bookbinding course, the online bookbinding course that I am helping my friend Mito with. And so we're gonna go shoot the next module. I did have some success. I hired, and I'm sure I mentioned this before, but I hired a guy to edit module one of um, the bookbinding course and he, uh, he also is helping to edit a freemium that we shot, which is where you, you create a piece of content that you put out there for free and that allows you to find out who's interested in this kind of stuff and collect their email addresses so that when you launch the course, they actually, um, you have people that might actually want to buy it. I'm on your list. So that is one of the things I am definitely gonna finish and I'm grateful this morning that I have that set up so I can just get, get right on that. Rosa Linda Román: 21:10 But then a big, big, really the biggest part is finishing this, uh, the two academies, Smart Success and Virtual Business Academy. And one of the biggest things that I will be focusing on in addition to kind of evolving the NewMexicast brand, which I'm sure I will continue to talk about extensively in the coming weeks and months. Um, but a big, big part of being able to do what I envisioned with my company is getting my life right and I have a pretty awesome life. I'm pretty happy with who I am and how I live. Um, but there are some things that are, are still kind of like the thorn in my side or my Achilles heel. Things that still bother me and I'm not getting them handled. And this to be honest and open specifically, it has to do with organization and clutter and chaos and just feeling like things are out of control in that area. And so, um, and it's, it's really not horrible. Um, I, I grew up with some people, um, in my extended family who, you know, they could have been on like hoarders. Um, and so compared to that I'm like, "woo, I'm perfect." But compared to what I envisioned for my life and for that feeling of having your home be a sanctuary and, uh, having your files where you want them to be and being able to find things, all of that needs work. And in order to, to do what we want next, which is moving on to a boat, I really need to downsize. I need to get rid of stuff. I need to get the homefront set up in a way that is consistent with what we really want. And so that's going to be my focus in the next few weeks. And I'll share the process here as I go through it. But I just wanted to kind of tell you that Smart Success was I think a massive success or it will be in the long run, but there is a lot to process, a lot to process. So I'll share, share with you what I can as the epiphany's come to me and the realizations, and I'll try to share the process along the way. But, um, in the meanwhile, thanks for listening and letting me continue this sounding board, which you know, is just a way for me to process some of all of what is going on in our lives. So I hope you have a fantastic day, and I will talk to you again next time. Thanks for listening. Bye. Theme Music: 23:55 Sailing away on a boat. Hailing from New Mexico. Enchanting stories as they go. Riding the tides, taking your time. Sailing away on a boat.

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