NMC009 Ski Santa Fe

Rosa Linda

Recorded: January 12, 2016
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Subject: Facing fears and trying things that scare you. Pushing out of your comfort zone.

Hello Friends!

In this week’s episode my family and I take a trip to Ski Santa Fe where I tackle a mountain and some long-time phobias. By this time in early 2016, we already owned the s/v Dawn Treader and had just started moving into the boat prep phase. There was still a lot to work through to make my dream of living on a boat again a reality, not the least of which were mental roadblocks that were holding me back. This recording shares a small, breakthrough moment in my life on the way to that fulfilling that big dream.

I hope it inspires you to face a fear, try something new or find some other way to step out of your own comfort zone this week.

Sending love and strength to you all!

Lots of love,

Rosa Linda


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Episode Transcript:

Rosa Linda Román (00:00): Hello, everyone. Welcome to New Mexicast. I'm Rosa Linda Román. And before we get started, I want to share what you can expect here on this podcast. First, you should know that my family lives on a sailing catamaran, and this is my personal audio journal. What you're about to hear is an episode from 2016, when we were just starting our journey of moving from our home in New Mexico, onto the boat, as a long time broadcast journalist, I wasn't sure how I was going to keep working while pursuing this crazy new lifestyle. This journal is where I worked through a lot of things, both personally and professionally. That means you will hear about experiments with new technologies like Blab and Periscope and testing out systems to make the move easier like wild tree meal prep. And KonMari for downsizing our stuff. As you can imagine, some of these experiments were successful. Well, some like Blab and wild tree don't even exist anymore, but I decided to leave even the failed experiment in this audio journal. So you could get the whole story of how we went from New Mexicast to New Mexicastaways. If you like, what you hear, please stick around till the end and I'll share how you can find out where we are now and how you can get much more content by joining the New Mexi-Castaways crew. Enjoy Rosa Linda Román (01:47): Hello and welcome to New Mexicast. I'm Rosa Linda Román, and I am recording this from a lift in the mountains in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you are new here to this podcast, let me tell you a little bit about New Mexicast. It is typically a television show started as a video podcast and became a half hour show in Albuquerque, featuring interesting people in places in New Mexico and beyond but of late. It's mostly a place for me, Rosa, Linda to share my family's travels and other people's adventures along the way. We are preparing to move on to a 45 foot sailing catamaran in the next few months. And we just spent three weeks in Florida prepping the boat and getting things ready. But right now I just wanted to describe the scene where I am. I should say that I have been petrified, like sit on the side of the mountain crying, afraid of skiing and snowboarding and doing anything that involves throwing my body down a mountain at a high rate of speed for,probably I it's been at least 15 years that I've been trying. Rosa Linda Román (03:04): My husband and I have been married for almost 18 years and,I tried and tried and tried to learn how to ski and it just never worked. I was always really afraid. And I dunno, maybe it's my old age getting older, just something clicked now. I've been doing a partnership with a wonderful woman named Natalie Goldfein, who has a, anapp called my habit upgrade. And if you watch New Mexicast on our Facebook page, you probably have seen some of our live, we all them Skype scopes, which this is a live shot. I interview Natalie on, on Skpe cause she lives in Chicago and we're always traveling, but this week Natalie is in town and so she wanted to go skiing with her nephew, Julian. And so we are here and I just got to tell you all that fear and panic and all that feeling of, I just can't do this. Rosa Linda Román (04:01): I wouldn't say it's all gone, but I feel so calm. So calm. In fact that I am on a lift by myself. I gave the rest of the crew permission to go on without me, which never would have happened in the past. I said, no, I'm totally fine. I'm going to go down this mountain. I went, I'm going down. Only runs that I have gone on already today and I feel confident. So,if you have never done this before and never gone skiing, I highly encourage you to give it a try. We all have to push our limits. And, hat's part of what I love about New Mexicast is it really encourages me to push my limits and meet new people and try new things and share them with you guys here. As I said, it is generally a TV show, but, I'e been starting to do audio podcast recording just because sometimes it's just easier and more convenient to share things in audio format and, trth be told. Rosa Linda Román (04:58): That's where I got my start back at the university of Florida broadcasting school. I actually had I have a degree in telecommunication, but I worked at WUFT in Gainesville and,I even have a, illiam Randolph Hearst award for my radio work. So, tis is really my first love in broadcasting. And I guess if you're listening to this, if you don't mind my voice, so just wanted to share some of the, beuty that I'm seeing. It's funny, I'm passing a tree that we like to call the Mardi Gras section or trees. We're way, way, way high up in the mountains. And the sun is shining and there's so much snow, but peeking through the snow, there are Mardi Gras beads and you can picture, theyre just draped with these beads that people throw from the lift onto, these trees along with various sundry items, includng some ladies'. Rosa Linda Román (05:58): But anyway, that's beside the point. My kids have seen that and we just laugh cause people are silly. But anyway, my daughter Ziva who is eight, is here with us today and she has been doing phenomenally well skiing. And my husband took our five year old son skiing on Friday. So this week, believe it or not, those of you that have followed the show, my ten-year-old Ahava is turning 11. So time is flying. I'm going to go down this run and enjoy it. I'm about to go get off the lift, but I will continue this episode, wen my feet are back on the ground. And I just wanted to share that with you, check in with you in just a few weeks, Speaker 2 (06:41): Bye. Rosa Linda Román (06:50): You hear that wind. I am cruising down a catwalk, which for those of you that don't ski, it's like a kind of straight and narrow area that traverses the mountain and gets you to another area that you kind of have more room and wider distance to ski on. And it's pretty flat here and you have to use your ski poles to kind of keep going, but it's gorgeous. I've always been anti winter. Anyone who knows me knows that, but I am trying to change my tune. I think a big part of what I've learned from Natalie and my habit upgrade is you really? And, and not just that, but many things that I've been focusing on really in the hiatus of New Mexicast. And that is you really just got to create what you want. And a lot of it is what you think and what you say and what you put out. Rosa Linda Román (07:46): So if you're spending a lot of time talking about how much you hate winter, winter will always be awful. So I'm trying to stop doing that for the sake of my children and my husband who adore the winter. And I don't like the cold still. I won't lie, but I'm on a day like this. When the sun is shining and the snow is glistening, it's just gorgeous. And I'm cruising along doing something that I used to be terrified of doing. In fact, I'm right now approaching a sign that says easy, easiest way down. And it's where the trails merge here. If you've ever been to Santa Fe ski Santa Fe, the trails merge right here and this, I remember it so vividly. It was probably 10 years ago. No more than that. Cause it was before we had kids, I sat right up here and was crying. Rosa Linda Román (08:36): I was like, I'm not going down anymore. I can't do this. And it was just awful. And so I just wanted to, I don't know. I just want to share that with you. It's the beginning of the year as I'm recording this and if you're listening to this and maybe this message happens to be just for you. If this resonates with you, I'm looking out at the most gorgeous view. I can see mountains for distances for miles, probably a hundred miles. I don't know. It's, it's phenomenal and the air is crisp and fresh. And so I just, I guess I just want to share that sometimes when you, you have in your head that you just can't do something or something's not possible, yu gotta fight that voice. That voice is not your friend and that is not your true voice. Rosa Linda Román (09:24): So fight it because you, there's so many wonderful things in this world to explore. Now, I'm not saying everyone should ski, cause it is a challenging, I'm going to probably not be able to walk tomorrow, but I'm just saying whatever that thing is that you have in your back of your head, that you're like, I got, I want to do this, but I'm scared. You know, consider listening to the voice. That's not scared. Cause fear. I feel like it just doesn't serve us. So anyway, t's been an exciting year, moving things forward as we're prepping for, mving onto the boat. My daughter, Ahava the one that's about to turn 11 is in the middle of her gymnastics season. And she is working real hard to, to do her personal best. So we're here to support her staying in New Mexico while she finishes that. Rosa Linda Román (10:11): But as soon as that season's over,we're going to be heading out to the water and who knows where we're going, going to go. My hope is that we end up going to, fom Florida across to The Bahamas and down the chain of islands. We did it once before we lived on a boat, a smaller boat with a smaller family. But now we have three kids and we're going to try it again, but with a bigger boat and a liverboard nanny because, I hae a five year old son and if he were up here skiing right now, he would be going down the black diamonds cause he has no fear and no sense of self preservation, but he's awesome. And so anyway, we are going to share the adventures here. And that's it. I will, share sme of the audio coming up. So here I go, I'm going down a catwalk called the easiest way down, but believe me, it's not easy. Even, even though I'm being brave, it's still hard. So I'll let you listen to the wind whipping in my ears and the people skiing by me, like it's going out of style Speaker 2 (11:22): [Inaudible] Rosa Linda Román (11:23): And I actually practiced on our driveway, we live in the mountains also and we have a pretty steep driveway. And so we got a ton of snow when we got back from our winter break, the,the entire area was covered with like two feet of snow. So we turned our driveway into a little, ki area. And Nathan taught me about making these S movements, wich helps a lot when I first used to ski or actually I started with snowboarding, which I really did not like, and it was so hard, but when I started skiing, I would do this wedge, they call it and you would, your legs would be just so dead by the time you were done, it was miserable. But right now I'm feeling very good. And I'm going to go down a steep part and I'll check in again, when I'm on another catwalk, Speaker 2 (12:27): Those are my skis. And I did that pretty exciting. Oh, so awesome. Rosa Linda Román (13:06): Thanks for listening to my audio journal from 2016 as our family prepared to move on to the sailing catamaran Dawn Treader. If you want to see where we are at the moment, just search for New Mexicast on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Patrion, or for New Mexicast TV on YouTube. Also, if you want to see the videos and photos of the things I'm talking about on this podcast, please consider joining the New Mexicastaways crew. You can do that at New Mexicast.com/crew. Thanks again for listening and for supporting our enchanting adventures. I'm Rosa Linda Román, and this is New Mexicastaways.

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