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Rosa Linda

Hello Friends,

Blame it on the kids being on summer break, the fun adventures we have been having, or on the fact that I just successfully launched season 2 of New Mexicast the TV show in the middle of it all, but I am seriously behind the times here on NewMexicast.com! Looking over the website I realize I have only posted about half the episodes from season 1 here. And I have to do that before I can start posting the new episodes from season 2, right?

So, prepare for a barrage. Rather than trying to make it all perfect and never getting it all finished, I am going to take the “good enough” is better than not at all approach to posting the last 5 episodes from season 1. Hopefully the videos will all speak for themselves and you won’t mind if I keep my blogging related to those videos to a minimum right now…

Which brings me to this post; Episode 8 of New Mexicast TV is all about the amazing handiwork done by people in many different walks of life. We begin with:

Story #1: Dollhouses
Perhaps nothing delights a little girl more than the sight of a dollhouse; a home just her size, with tiny people, tiny furniture, and tiny toys. And for Mina Kupferberg, whose own childhood was disrupted by war and hardship, making dollhouses is a way to reclaim her lost childhood. New Mexicast heads north to visit Mina’s home in Montreal, Canada where her basement looks like a dollhouse museum; much to the delight of little girls and grown-ups alike.

Story #2: Fly Fishing
New Mexico is a state known for enchanting outdoor adventures. Perhaps nothing brings people closer to New Mexico’s natural beauty like a fly-fishing trip along a rugged waterway. But, if you’ve ever tried to tie a fly, or lure a fish you know there’s an art to this sport. New Mexicast guest videographer

Bryan Cady (formerly of CNN) teams up with Noah Parker of Land of Enchantment Guides for fly-fishing on the Chama River. Bryan’s expert eye and Noah’s expert guidance combine to create a visual masterpiece.

And finally…

Story #3: Harp

In ancient Greece Aeolian harp music was so heavenly it was thought to be played by the god of wind, Aeolus. But those haunting melodies were nearly silenced forever when craftsmen stopped making these wind harps. That was until a former homeless man named “Harp” brought Aeolian harps back from the brink of extinction. Like the unique music from his expertly crafted harps, Harp is a one-of-a-kind character that viewers will love.

I hope you enjoyed each of these stories about some of the most fascinating people I have met along the way. Expect 4 more season 1 posts very soon and then on to season 2 (I can’t believe I’ve actually done this many stories in my independent reporting career)!

Lots of love,

Rosa Linda

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