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If you like Flamenco dancing, you will love this week’s episode of New Mexicast!

Hello Friends!

Before I came across the National Institute of Flamenco in downtown Albuquerque, I would not have thought of New Mexico and Flamenco in the same sentence. But after spending some time with these amazing dancers, I learned that there is a major connection to the Spanish art form in the Land of Enchantment. In the first part of this week’s episode, I introduce you to Eva Encinias Sandoval, Sarah Hartshorn and the rest of the Yjastros dance company:

But seeing them practice is just part of the story. There is nothing like actually watching amazing Flamenco dancers onstage. The second part of this episode takes you to one of the Yjastros company’s fantastic performances:

Sadly, on December 18, 2013 the National Institute of Flamenco’s home of 15 years was destroyed in a fire. They are now working to rebuild after this devastating loss. If you would like to help keep Flamenco alive in New Mexico, please visit their site to see how you can help: National Institute of Flamenco

And, don’t forget to check out the Festival Flamenco International this year. Here’s a link to their website: Festival Flamenco International

Thank you for all of your support!

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Rosa Linda

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