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Rosa Linda

If you have fond memories of the backside of water, then this is the episode for you!

Hello friends and Kungaloosh!

If you know what that means then you are a true Walt Disney World Adventurer (even though the actual “Adventurers’ Club” at Pleasure Island is no more… sniff), and you will certainly enjoy this episode of New Mexicast TV! A lifetime ago I was once a Jungle Cruise Skipper at Walt Disney’s World Famous Jungle Cruise. Yes, other, more-famous skippers came before me (Kevin Costner and John Lasseter, for example), but there are plenty of less-famous, former (and current) skippers that are still spreading smiles around the globe. It is this latter group that is the subject of this episode.

A few years ago, dozens of former and current Jungle Cruise skippers gathered at Walt Disney World for the Jungle Cruise Skippers’ Mega Reunion. This is the story of that fun, silly reunion:

If you enjoyed that insider’s look at the wise-cracking crew that has made the Jungle Cruise “World Famous,” then you will certainly enjoy the second half of this episode. This story follows these skippers on a scavenger hunt through Adventureland in Walt Disney World as they hunt for the “Mystic Golden Idol.” Their guide, and tormentor, is the memorable character, Colonel Wayne Percival McSwagger:


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