NM0037 – Hope Town Coffee

Rosa Linda


– The Most Enchanting Video Podcast sails to tropical climates as “New Mexi-Castaways!”

Hello Friends!

As I write this many of you are shoveling snow, bundling up, lighting fires in fireplaces and generally doing whatever you can to get through the chilly winter months. Here on New Mexicast we hope to do our part to warm things up as we begin a side-journey to the Tropics. As many of you know, my family recently spent almost a year living on a sailing catamaran called “Hakuna Matata.” We met so many interesting people and saw so many wonderful things along the way. It is now my pleasure to share some of those amazing adventures with you in a new series called “New Mexi-Castaways!”

For New Mexi-Castaways’ first episode, a virtual pick-me-up; as we visit the Hope Town Coffee House. It is one of the best coffee houses we’ve ever been to, on an island we will never forget. If you have ever dreamed of the perfect island paradise, with warm and welcoming people to compliment the magnificent scenery, then chances are good you had a place like Hope Town in mind. Hopefully this story will give you a small glimpse into why Elbow Cay (pronounced “key”) in the Bahamas is now one of our favorite places on Earth.

A special thanks to Heather and Andrew Prosa for letting me take you on a tour of their wonderful Hope Town Coffee House.

Now I hope you’ll sit back with a hot cup o’ joe, and join me as we sail to a warmer, wonderful place!

Lots of love,

Rosa Linda

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  1. Hi Rosa,

    I loved this episode! How clever to call it New Mexi-castaways. I am still kicking myself that Ayla and I never visited you and your family on Hakuna Matata. Any plans to go on the boat again??

    We miss you!


    1. Hi Deborah! So nice to hear that you loved this episode. As for sailing again, we may do some short trips (like we did last week for Spring Break), but the boat is up for sale, so it’s unlikely we will move back on board for at least the next year or two. We miss it very much!

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