NM0034 Golden Idol (Jungle Cruise)

Rosa Linda


– The Most Enchanting Video Podcast takes another trip through the jungle this week!

Hello Friends!

I am humbled by the awesome response to the Jungle Cruise story. We broke viewership records on this one and the number of views is going up and up each day. Not to mention, it was such a blast to relive my own days in the Jungle and at Walt Disney World in general. I’m glad to hear so many of you got to do the same by watching that episode. Hopefully, everyone stuck around for the bloopers and outtakes. Those are always crowd favorites, especially with some of the Jungle Cruise Skippers hamming it up!

Speaking of hams… I now bring you part 2 of the Jungle Cruise Skipper Reunion series featuring one of the biggest hams of all; Colonel Wayne Percival McSwagger. (If you haven’t seen part one, please click here to watch that first!) As part of the reunion weekend the skippers were given the “Ultimate Adventureland Golden Idol Challenge.” What is this mysterious golden idol? After you watch the story, you can learn more at the golden idol’s Facebook page. Yes, the idol has it’s own Facebook page!

Sticking with the subject of Facebook, for those that don’t know you can now sign in to New Mexicast using your own Facebook account. It’s a lot of fun for me because then I get to see your picture and know who is commenting. Give it a try now by leaving a comment after you watch this story. Be sure to click the checkbox that allows you to get follow-up comments emailed to you. Then you can see some of the fun comments that others (like some of these crazy Jungle Cruise skippers) leave about the episode.

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Next up: A return to the Land of Enchantment with a story about one of the most enchanting people I’ve ever met.

Lots of love,

Rosa Linda

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  1. Thanks so much Becky! I was cracking up at that final blooper too! What a fun bunch of characters. I just had to share that silliness with New Mexicast’s viewers. I hope everyone else enjoyed it too!

  2. Rosa Linda, you are amazing on camera. Great job. Next reunion, we may have to have a few camera people getting all the action! I just want everyone to know, that yes, we found it and may have “technically” lost, we still have The Idol.

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