NM0026 – Totally Taos

Rosa Linda

New Mexicast’s Most Enchanting Video Podcast takes an audio detour up to the stunning Taos valley for a whirlwind tour.

I really should call these audio episodes “Rosa Linda’s Ramblings” because that’s really what they are!

As our loyal viewers know, audio podcasts like this are occasional additions to the video podcasts which I post here on New Mexicast every other week. In this audio episode I share some of the juggling that needed to be done to arrange a 2 day trip to Taos, New Mexico to shoot three upcoming stories (including; Dennis Hopper at the Harwood, Pueblo Balloon Ride & a Llama Trek). I also talk about a really interesting story I happened upon along the way.

Also, I wanted to announce the winner of the New Mexicast gift bag. Drum roll please… the winner is: Charles Allen Wood from Winter Park, Florida. He got lots of great gifts from some awesome sponsors (including: New Mexico Candle Co., Dr. Mark Arcuri, & Realtor Frank O’Mahony) . Check them out on our New Mexicast page on Facebook where I’ll post some photos. Here’s a link: http://tiny.cc/NMFacebook

Speaking of sponsors, this audio episode is sponsored by: Boot Camp & Beyond. To learn more about them visit: http://tiny.cc/BCB Or just watch their awesome video promo on New Mexicast’s front page!

And the final announcement I have this week is that the next New Mexicast gift bag giveaway will be to one of our loyal viewers from our email subscriber list. Of course it’s absolutely free and simply allows you to get an email whenever I post a new episode. If you are already on the email list, THANK YOU! You are automatically entered in the next drawing. If you are not, here’s a link to get on the list: http://tiny.cc/NMemail (Be sure to watch for a confirmation email from RLR@NewMexicast.com to activate it!)

Well, it’s way past my bedtime so I will just end by saying thank you to all of you that are supporting New Mexicast! Lots of great stories in the queque, so keep tuning in!

Lots of love,
Rosa Linda

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