NM0023 – Balancing Act

Rosa Linda

As many of you know, New Mexico’s most enchanting video podcast is also an occasional audio podcast.

This week’s audio episode is all about finding balance. Balance between time at home and time for work; between taking the girls with me on a shoot so they can share in the experience and getting the best story possible; and so on. This search for balance is the story of my life, really.

Now that I know that the majority of you would like to hear an occasional audio episode (based on the poll we did that showed about 93% of you would be in favor of it), I am going to create them from time to  time. I think the audio podcasts are the perfect place to not only ramble about whatever is on my mind, but also to update my audience on things like giveaways, surveys and other current news. That will allow me to keep the video podcasts evergreen (i.e. not dated) since they are available on line long after some of the current events are no longer current.

Speaking of changes, I am working on some big ones here on NewMexicast.com. I will be trying new things to see what works and what doesn’t, so if you notice something that is NOT working, please let me know right away.

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See you in two weeks!

Lots of love,

Rosa Linda

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