NM0022 – Flamenco Encore

Rosa Linda

– New Mexico’s most Enchanting Video Podcast is back with a Flamenco encore!

After posting the previous episode of New Mexicast about “Flamenco in New Mexico,” I got the following email from a viewer:

“This was a fascinating episode. I have one criticism – we did not get a sense of the power of the flamenco dance and music -the podcast is all a little too “sweet” maybe. Odd that this midwestern Jewish old lady knows about flamenco. But I saw it several times on the stage as an adult. I went to those performances because I had heard the sounds of the gypsy women singing/shouting when I was just a kid. My Dad played recordings of great flamenco singers.

But Rosa Linda, I may be looking at this from an impossibly demanding level. Your program is not a segment of “Sunday Morning”, or a pbs segment on dance in New Mexico. “

And this wasn’t the only email/comment that expressed disappointment over not seeing any of the actual performances. So, for my loyal viewers who were left wanting more last time, this episode is for you. I may not have the staff or resources of PBS or “Sunday Morning” but I hope this comes closer to what you had in mind.

I hope you all enjoy this encore!

Lots of love,

Rosa Linda

P.S. I LOVE feedback (yes, even criticism), so please leave a comment after you watch the video! Thanks.

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  1. I loved this episode! So full of energy. Were any of the people in the show the one that was dancing with the baby at the rehearsals (Sarah Hartshorn)?
    Sofi watched it with me & she was very impressed, she said she knows it’s not easy ’cause she had her first tap class today & that it made her kind of tired just watching it.

  2. Oh & I liked how you showed those pictures at the end, you got some great ones. Also, Sofi got excited when she could hear her cousin in the background (although I’m sure you weren’t happy about that). She said, “there’s Ziva!” Was she right?

  3. @Rebecca – I am so glad you loved it! And I’m especially glad that Sofi approves. She is correct that that was Ziva’s voice saying “now I can see!” in the very last blooper. She was sitting on my lap at that point. If she liked hearing her cousin, she will probably be interested in the next audio episode I’ve got coming up. I talk about trying to find the balance between working on New Mexicast and Mommying. That will be posted next week.

    As for whether any of the dancers were Sarah Hartshorn, they were not. She wasn’t dancing that night for some reason. I was sad about that, but really enjoyed seeing that her sister, Gretchen Williams had a fantastic solo performance. She was the very last dancer in the story with the black dress.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments! Keep ’em coming my friends!

  4. Very interesting! I guess I never thought much about Flamenco dancing, but now that I have seen it, it looks INTENSE! They must have to work hard at that!

  5. Rosa Linda, This is exactly what was missing from the first episode! Thank you for the followup. My 3yo and I really enjoyed watching the performances.

  6. @Sarah – Thanks so much to you and your little one. I am so glad I followed this up. Such wonderful artists! They deserve as much recognition as possible.

  7. I can hardly wait to see the dancing. Your previous podcast was great but you did leave us hanging waiting for this one.
    Yippie can not wait to download this one.

    1. Hi Lauretta,

      I’m glad you are getting to see this episode finally. It has actually been on the site for over a year but is just getting sent out again through a glitch with my new website. Too bad you were left hanging for so long. Hopefully it will prove to be worth the wait.

      Please go check out some of the other episodes on New Mexicast. There are lots of other fun ones here!

      Thanks so much for watching and supporting what I’m doing. It means the world!

      Lots of love,
      Rosa Linda

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