NM0020 – Audio Experiment

Rosa Linda

New Mexico’s most Enchanting Video Podcast is now an audio podcast too! Well, at least for this week.

As the title suggests, I am just experimenting with an audio episode of New Mexicast to see what my viewers/subscribers think. Take a listen and let me know what you think by posting a comment here on the website or by sending me an email at RLR@NewMexicast.com

If you hate it, tell me so. If you think it’s a nice addition for the off-weeks, tell me that too. Bottom line is I will keep doing them if more people enjoy them than hate them. Please cast your vote now. (See the survey that says “Would you like to hear (occasional) audio podcasts on New Mexicast” on the side of the website?)

Okay. Experiment’s over… for now.

Next up… Flamenco Dancing. Video, of course!

Lots of love,

Rosa Linda

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  1. Rosa Linda,
    I like it. Especially because I can listen to it while I’m at work and still work while I’m listening!

  2. @Adam – I’m glad you liked it. Depending on the results of the poll I may add the audio podcasts just to shake thing up every once in awhile. Definitely not as a replacement to the videos!

  3. @Wendy – That’s why I like audio podcasts too. I usually just let them load into iTunes and then listen to them on my treo when I’m doing laundry, etc. Problem is, I don’t see this episode in iTunes, so I have to figure out what I did wrong. (any ideas, Adam? Is vPIP the issue? Hmm…)

    Anyway, thanks to you and everyone else who has listened. It’s fun to hear what you all are thinking. Makes this solo-venture a lot less lonely!

  4. I am from Indianapolis and I love your products. I am a faithful listener and watcher. I am really hoping that you continue the behind the scenes type thing. I love it.


  5. @Sandy – Wow! I am humbled. I have to admit I worried about putting this episode up on the site because I thought it was too chatty and might detract from the professionalism of the video podcast (holdover from my days in broadcasting where we weren’t supposed to talk about ourselves I guess).

    By the way, so far the tally on the poll of whether or not to add occasional audio podcasts is at: 86% yes and 14% no. I’ll announce the final results when I post the next episode.

  6. Update on the iTunes issue… I think I got it working. Can any of you that use iTunes take a look and let me know if you see this audio episode in your feed. Also, I think I corrected the problem where only a few episodes showed up in iTunes. If you are using iTunes to view New Mexicast you should now be able to access all the past episodes.

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