NM0012 – Pinto Bean Fiesta

Rosa Linda

– Hello Friends!

I hope you are all enjoying the change of weather as much as we are. We recently traveled to Binghamton, New York where the leaves were changing brillant shades of yellow, orange and red. Back here in New Mexico we have been enjoying pinon picking (pine nuts) and lots of sunshine one day and snow the next.

This week’s episode comes to you a month late (since I forgot to hit “publish” and it never was posted last month) and after plenty of technical mistakes on my part. While on vacation in Puerto Penasco, Mexico my husband graciously shot the intro and tag for this week’s story. Unfortunately, the wind got the best of the audio and I had to reshoot everything.

Still, I hope you will all enjoy the end result. The story is about the Pinto Bean Fiesta in Moriarty, New Mexico. Never before had I been to a celebration of a legume, but it was lots of fun.

Please keep posting comments here on the website (or in iTunes) to let me know what you think of all these stories. I am still looking for a few good sponsors to keep this venture afloat, so if you know of anyone that wants to see their company name up in lights (or at least online in a podcast), please have them email me at: RLR@NewMexicast.com

Thanks again to all of you for watching. See you in two weeks!

Lots of love,

Rosa Linda

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  1. rosa el video de pinto bean fiesta estaba bien interesante
    ytambien la vista de la nieve estaba bien hermosa
    te quiro mucho papi adios

  2. Rosa, I cannot figure out how to get this message to go in on MY name! Maybe you can fix that.
    (this is your mom writing).
    I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the pinto bean story (even though it looked way too hot (and sunny) for me…was it?
    I would have liked to have seen how beans looked in the field on the vine? plant? tree? LOL (actually I don’t think I know how they grow)! I also wonder who picks them all, and how.
    Also, even though I am going to go and Google it now, I think it would be cool if you could figure out how to show a little map of where your story is taking place each time. I have no idea where Moriarity is (or if I even spelled it right just now) and I think it would be cool to see all the different places you have been doing your stories! :O)

  3. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention..I LOVE parades…especially the old fashioned ones like that one…and especially if they have at least one band playing (hopefully with at least one big drum..my FAVORITE thing to hear coming in a parade!)

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