NM0008 – Dollhouses

Rosa Linda

– Hello Friends!

I am just returning to the wonderful Land of Enchantment from the Windy City where I was visiting my family. It was great to see everyone, but it is always great to be home too.

As you may have noticed, we have been traveling a LOT this summer. One of the places we visited was Montreal, Canada. While there, I learned that our dear friend’s mother, Mina Kupferberg, has a house that looks like a dollhouse museum. She shared her collection with my daughters and they were delighted. I was amazed to hear that she has created every single one by hand. Thankfully, she allowed me to record her story with no advanced notice.

I hope you enjoy the episode. Oh, and the cute kids in the intro are my nieces, Sofi and Lia, and the lovely lady with them is my sister, Rebecca. I put them on the spot while they were visiting us from Chicago. They also gave me some pretty funny bloopers this week! Enjoy!

Lots of love,

Rosa Linda

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  1. Hey, Rosa, this was exceptional. It was really fascinating to see all the houses, and Ahava was adorable as she looked at them.

    What a great way to spend 13 years.

  2. Thanks Deborah! It really was amazing to see in person. I marveled at the amount of patience and talent that Mina put into each house.

    In moments like that I can’t resist capturing Ahava’s reactions. I’m glad they made you smile too! Wait until you see the Balloon Fiesta story that I will be posting in a few weeks; it was shot a year ago, so you can imagine how cute (and little) the girls were (if I do say so myself)!

    And, yes, Eric it would be a stop-motion person’s dream come true! LOL!

    Thanks to both of you for your comments (and for continuing to watch).

  3. Switched to a new PC and just noticed that I had a couple new New Mexicasts queued up when I got ITunes up and going. The artist in me loves and appreciates the intricate details and artistry in those houses. The parent and office dweller in me wishes I had the time and patience to do something that all consuming. Nice story.

    Your children are beautiful… How did we all have such cute kids? I’ve been seeing pics of Lisa’s kids over the last few days as well… Found a WDWCP pic of you in costume (“Veggie-Veggie, Fruit-Fruit”) if you would like me to pass it along…

    See ya…

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