NM0006 – Manic Mommies

Rosa Linda

Hello Friends!

And welcome to all you Manic Mommies’ fans that are just discovering the New Mexicast!

If you’re like me, you have long felt like Erin and Kristin were kindred spirits because you’ve listened to every single episode of their awesome podcast. As you struggle through endless parenting challenges, they have probably felt like two of your girlfriends who just tell it like it is. Well, if this sounds like you, then I think you’re going to love this episode of New Mexicast. Because, as much as Erin and Kristin share with their listeners on the show each week, I think seeing them on video along with their families, makes them feel even more familiar.

For those New Mexicast viewers that have no idea what I’m talking about (especially of the male variety), this week I have the priveledge of introducing you to two ladies who host a wonderful audio podcast about the challenges of parenting, called the “Manic Mommies.” I highly recommend you check out (and subscribe to) their podcast in iTunes. Or you can visit their website: www.ManicMommies.com

Also, if you haven’t yet heard it, please check out the Manic Mommies’ episode: MM 125 – When Manic Mommies Meet. It is an episode of the Manic Mommies’ podcast where they turn the tables and interview me. Look for the link on the sidebar of www.NewMexicast.com called “Rosa Linda on Manic Mommies.”

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it! And I hope those of you who are just here to see Erin and Kristin will stay and check out the rest of New Mexicast (I recommend starting with NM0000 – New Mexicast Promo because it explains what this is all about).

For those that have been around from the beginning you may have noticed that I have a new ad in this episode. It is for a project called IndieLab. It’s a really great project that offers free blogs and websites for media creators (photographers, musicians, podcasters, etc.). Check out their website at: www.IndieLab.org

As the Manic Mommies would say,  “if you like our show, please help spread the word and tell three friends, or leave a review for us on iTunes… and have a great manic week” (can you tell I love that podcast?)!

Lots of love,

Rosa Linda

P.S. Be sure to watch until the very end of this episode, there are some GREAT bloopers at the end!

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  1. Stole from the show…

    Your brother, spinning your daughter upside down in the background of the podcast was hysterical! I stopped listening to you while waiting for them to fall down dizzy.

  2. Thanks Eric & Vic!

    I am particularly impressed that two guys actually enjoyed the story since it is about a Mommy-centric subject! LOL!

    Yeah, Eric, I saw them spinning and couldn’t resist using that as my backdrop. It is definitely distracting in a funny kind of way!

    Thanks again to both of you for watching and commenting.

    Rosa Linda

  3. Very nice podcast. You have a beautiful family. The promo for indielabs also intrigued me. Looks like a unique concept. Keep up the great work.

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