NM0005 – Dancing Paws

Rosa Linda

Hello Friends,

For the past two weeks my family has been traveling all over the East Coast: Manchester, Montreal, Massachusetts, DC, Baltimore and Raleigh. With two little girls in tow, it has been an exhausting, whirlwind of a trip. Thankfully, because of the internet, I am still able to post these stories from wherever I may be. Last week’s episode (NM0004 – Harp) was posted from Montreal, Canada… how cool is that?!?

Speaking of cool. Wait until you see this week’s story; Instructor Rosalie James allowed me to sit in on the recital for her very fun, and very unusual class for canines and their human dance partners. With a name like, “Ballroom Dancing for Dogs” how could you not be intrigued? You can find out more information on her website at: www.DancingPaws.info

Well, another two weeks, another story posted. (Crowd goes wild!) Here on the small screen it looks so simple, doesn’t it? Truth be told it seems like a small miracle each week when I hit the “publish” button and it actually works.

Thanks for checking out this episode, I hope you’ll stick around for many more to come!

By the way, I was recently featured on my FAVORITE podcast, “Manic Mommies!” If you would like to hear the interview just visit their website at www.ManicMommies.com (or click here to go directly to that episode, which is #125 – When Manic Mommies Meet).

Rosa Linda

P.S. And when I say “many more to come” I am not exaggerating. On this trip I managed to shoot several more stories. Now it’s off to edit them all!

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