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Rosa Linda

Attention everyone… New Mexicast has NOT pod-faded! I just took a longer-than-expected break!

Here’s why… for six months my family and I have been living on a boat, mostly in the Bahamas. It has been an adventure unlike anything I’ve ever done before. As far as my reporter’s mind is concerned, I felt like I hit the lottery when it came to finding great stories and I shot some amazing footage along the way. But the reality is that the liveaboard, cruising life (which is what people who do this regularly call it) is a LOT of work, especially with two small children on board. Don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely worth it, but it took some time for me to figure out how to do Cruising, Mommying AND Podcasting all at the same time.

Don Marshall on Hakuna Matata
Don Marshall on Hakuna Matata

Well, my friends, I am happy to say I believe I have found a way. His name is Don Marshall. He is a longtime friend who is helping me handle much of the day-to-day stuff that New Mexicast requires so that I can get back to the storytelling. With Don’s help I will be in touch more regularly regardless of which exotic ports of call we visit. Everyone say: “Hi Don!” Seriously, drop him a line at:

As for what is on the horizon for New Mexicast, the next episode will be posted within the week. And the new website will be launched shortly thereafter. We’ve taken all your wonderful feedback and turned it into something great! I know you won’t be disappointed.

I hope you will share this adventure with us. The best way to do that is to subscribe to this podcast:

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And, if you just want to send me a note, I can always be reached at:

Good things are coming! Thanks for sticking around!

Lots of love,
Rosa Linda

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    1. Thanks Erin! It has been so much fun. And so crazy! The girls are LOVING living on a boat, as am I. I hope you and the rest of the Mommies aren’t too manic these days! XOXOX

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