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Over the past 10 years Rosa Linda has lived aboard 2 seperate catamarans with her husband and 3 kids. She was often busy with kid-duties and running a business, and was mostly content to let her husband take on the Captain duties on board. Now with her husband on the mend from knee surgery, she is ready to step up to the role of Captain to move the boat from Jacksonville, FL to Georgetown, Bahamas. She has decided to help empower other women, while increasing her own confidence, by hiring a female captain to teach her and 2 other women how to transition from First Mate to Captain.

Introducing: First Mate Next Captain.

The journey will have Rosa Linda, 2-3 other women sailors looking to learn, the Captain/Instructor Jen, a female videographer to capture it all on film, and Rosa Linda’s two teenage daughters, Ahava and Ziva, along with their boat dog, Nala.

The maiden voyage of First Mate; Next Captain is set to departed late-February 2021.


Vessel: SV Dawn Treader a Lagoon 450F
Route: Jacksonville, FL to Georgetown, Bahamas

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Captain Jen

While sailing offshore is Captain Jen’s favorite place, she loves being on the water and boats no matter where the location.  She has cruised with her husband on their own boats for many years, including six years of cruising across the Pacific to New Zealand and back with their family of four.  After completing her first delivery captain job, Captain Jen realized that she is even more eager to stay on the water and show others just how wonderful sailing and cruising can be.

Learn more about her here: https://www.captainjen.net/

Rosa Linda Román

Owner and Founder of New Mexicast, and current First Mate aboard the Sailing Vessel Dawn Treader. Rosa Linda has been living aboard catamarans for 10 years, but has never taken control of the vessel without her husband aboard. Now, along with 3 other women, she is taking the helm of the Dawn Treader, under the instructional eye of Captain Jen. She is ready to learn, gain confidence, and empower other women to take the helm of their own boats throughout this journey.

First Mate Next Captain Crew aboard the Dawn Treader
All the ladies for the inaugural First Mate Next Captain aboard the Dawn Treader!

The Crew:

Angela Gordon

Angela is a truck driver, mother of 3 and has been married for 32 years. As she and her husband enter the “empty nest” years they want to figure out how their love of sailing will be a part of their plans. This trip is the beginning of that process for her.

Kimberly Ganley

Joining the crew from the Rochester Yacht Club in New York, Kim is a new owner of a C&C 29. She races several days a week in Lake Ontario (May to September) and is real excited to cruise to the Bahamas as it snows in Rochester!!

Lauren Ho

Lauren is working on developing her sailing skills and knowledge in order to more confidently pursue her dreams of living the Caribbean cruising lifestyle. This will be her first time doing an ocean crossing. She’s here to soak up any bit of knowledge, to connect with a group of inspiring women, and to fulfill a long time dream of doing a crossing.


Sam is a Sailing Instructor, originally from the UK, but now teaches in Georgia.  She is a Royal Navy Veteran and has always felt the pull of the ocean and adventure.  Rebuilding her Cal28 and racing on an all female racing team keeps her busy.  Her goal is to get her captains license, circumnavigate and hopefully, along the way, inspire more women to take up sailing .


Jessie is a video producer for NASA 360 and co-captain of a 44-foot sailboat, which is also her home. Along with her husband and co-captain, Jessie has spent the past five years living on (and working on) S/V Ling Ling, their blue-hulled 30,000-pound baby. This year, they threw their dock lines and sailed south for the winter. She joined this fabulous crew of ladies to become a more confident sailor, while also documenting the journey to inspire other women to join the fun.

Ahava – 16


Ziva – 14

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