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NM102 Fall Fun

Get ready for some Fall Fun, New Mexico-style! From Balloons, to pumpkins to pinto beans, this episode's got it all! (more…)

NM0012 – Pinto Bean Fiesta

- Hello Friends! I hope you are all enjoying the change of weather as much as we are. We recently traveled to Binghamton, New York where the leaves were changing brillant shades of yellow, orange and red. Back here in New Mexico we have been enjoying pinon picking (pine nuts) and lots of sunshine one day and snow the next. This week's episode comes to you a month late (since I forgot to hit "publish" and it never was posted last month) and after¬†plenty¬†of technical mistakes on my part. While on vacation in Puerto Penasco, Mexico my husband graciously shot…

NM0011 – Pumpkin Patch

- Hello Friends! I have to say I don't know what's more frustrating... the fact that my brain is so fried that I forgot to hit "publish" for the last episode and managed to not post any story at all (which means there have been no updates here for a month), or the fact that it took me two weeks to notice. So, dear viewers, please accept my sincere apologies for shortchanging you this month. Still, despite my gross oversight, because it is almost Halloween I am going to go ahead and post the episode I was planning to post…

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