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NM106 Flamenco

If you like Flamenco dancing, you will love this week's episode of New Mexicast! (more…)

NM0022 – Flamenco Encore

- New Mexico's most Enchanting Video Podcast is back with a Flamenco encore! After posting the previous episode of New Mexicast about "Flamenco in New Mexico," I got the following email from a viewer: "This was a fascinating episode. I have one criticism - we did not get a sense of the power of the flamenco dance and music -the podcast is all a little too "sweet" maybe. Odd that this midwestern Jewish old lady knows about flamenco. But I saw it several times on the stage as an adult. I went to those performances because I had heard the…

NM0021 – Flamenco

- New Mexico's most Enchanting Video Podcast brings you some fantastic flamenco fun this week. While the historic connection between Spain and New Mexico is no secret (after all, the city of Albuquerque gets it's name from the Spanish Duke of Alburquerque... hence the nickname "The Duke City"), until I started working on this story I didn't realize the very real connections that still exist today thanks to the art of flamenco. However, those connections suffered a serious blow recently as the annual flamenco festival which brings many of Spain's top artists to New Mexico, Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque…

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