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Rosa Linda

Happy Election-Day Eve everyone!

In the run up to the US Presidential Election, the British broadcasting company “Sky News” asked me to create a video for their “50 States: 50 Voices” election special coverage. The video was originally only available on Sky News’ iPad app but it is now featured on their website. Here’s the link:

Sky News’ 50 States: 50 Voices

I was also asked to participate in their live-chat coverage today (November 5th – the day before the actual election) but in typical, baby-brain fashion, I forgot about the daylight savings time change and totally missed it. Still, I am told my submitted video was aired live in the UK.

Just in case you can’t find the video on Sky News’ website I thought I would post it here. Regardless of which state you are in, or which way you lean, I hope you will all get out and vote!


Rosa Linda

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