NMC059 Cousin Jesse

Daphine Mbithuka


Episode #59: Cousin Jesse.

Recorded: July 07, 2017

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Subject: Nathan’s cousin, Jesse, shares his experience as a guest on the s/v Dawn Treader.

If you were invited to visit a friend who lives on a boat, what would be your reaction? “Oh, definitely. I would love that.” Or possibly, “I don’t know if I could do it.” We all have a notion with regard to the fact that people live on boats. As a fulltime liveaboard family, Rosa Linda Román has heard plenty of rational and irrational perceptions people have about living on a boat.

In this week’s episode of New Mexi-Castaways, Rosa Linda interviews Jesse, Nathans’s cousin, who gives us a glimpse of how it feels to have the opportunity to spend time on a boat, his expectations before he actually got there, and some of the funny experiences he’s had while there. For example, when he fell into the water but managed to save his phone. So, whether you are scared of seasickness or have a water phobia, this episode might be what you need to have a different perspective. Enjoy as you listen in.

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Episode Transcript:

Rosa Linda Román (00:28): Hello, and welcome to New Mexi-Castaways. I'm Rosa Linda Román and this is the audio companion to New Mexicast, which is stories about interesting people and places in New Mexico and beyond. But now this podcast, if you've been listening for any length of time, you know, it's all about my family and our move on to a 45-foot sailing catamaran called the Dawn Treader. Oh, hello. So, I'm using this new bracket from- Jesse Lieberman (01:03): Brookstone. Rosa Linda Román (01:03): Brookstone and you just heard a voice. That voice is Jesse Lieberman. Hey, Jesse. And Jesse is my husband's cousin from, where are you from? Jesse Lieberman (01:14): Seattle, Washington. Rosa Linda Román (01:15): Seattle Washington. So, you'll hear him and I'm going to talk with him in a minute, but the laughing is because I'm using this new bracket and it just fell. So, we're going to have to pause in a second and re-adjust. We are driving in Fort Lauderdale and I wanted to show Jesse the beach, but he's exhausted, and we'll get into that in a minute, but we just dropped my family off at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. And so, I wanted to show you, this is A1A along Fort Lauderdale beach. And for those of you that cannot see what we see, it's such the beach scene. There's Bubba Gump Shrimp Company over here on the left. There's lots of people. Fort Lauderdale beach is full of like lots of people who are working out. And it's a very kind of fit community, and then, interjected or interspersed with some really colorful people who definitely don't see fitness as a priority. But you can see, look at these guys. They look like a football team doing bootcamp right on the beach, right? Rosa Linda Román (02:26): So yeah, I wanted you to see, because Fort Lauderdale is very different than where our boat is currently, in West Palm Beach. And this used to be our home when we lived on a boat back in 2009 when my daughters were two and four, we were actually right here off of Las Olas Boulevard. If you go two blocks west, there's a marina called, I think it's Las Olas Marina. And so, like, we would walk over to the beach and the kids, Ahava and Ziva would play on the beach when they were little. And we were prepping the boat. This was kind of the beginning of our boating experience. And then, I realized, oh, Ahava was four. And she was already reading and I realized, Hmm, spring break central is not necessarily the place that you want your child to learn to read because they're like, she'd see things in the, you know, the t-shirt shops, and be like, "Oh mommy, what does this mean?" And you're like, "Oh, it doesn't mean anything honey, Ignore that." So you can see Jesse, these are all like bars along- Jesse Lieberman (03:34): [indiscernible]. Rosa Linda Román (03:36): Yes. Yeah, it definitely has that vibe. Except on this side, you watch the sunrise instead of the sunset, right? Jesse Lieberman (03:44): Yes. Rosa Linda Román (03:46): Anyway, so yeah, we're just kind of taking the tour and heading back toward the boat. Jesse, how long have you been visiting us so far? Jesse Lieberman (03:55): Oh, that's [indiscernible] this is second or third week now or something like that. Rosa Linda Román (03:59): Yeah, we've really enjoyed having you. Jesse Lieberman (04:01): Oh, thank you. I've enjoyed being here. Rosa Linda Román (04:03): It's nice, yeah, the kids, it's like you're like their big brother. Jesse Lieberman (04:06): I'm shocked. Rosa Linda Román (04:06): You know, like I came in there yesterday, and Jesse was reading to them or, oh, you guys were, you were doing the genealogy thing. Jesse Lieberman (04:13): Yeah, yeah, yeah, genealogy at ancestry.com Rosa Linda Román (04:16): Yeah, so his mom is really into genealogy on her side, which is not my husband's side of the family, but then, he was showing the kids that, and they were so interested in genealogy and what the connections are, especially because this summer for us has been all about cousins. Two of my kids, Ziva and Samuel went to Chicago to spend time with my family and all of their cousins on that side. And then, Ahava and Nathan, and I went to Cancun and she got to spend time. We all got to spend time with my cousins. And she got to know some of her other cousins on that side. So, now we get to spend some time with Nathan's cousin and that's been a lot of fun. I think that's what this summer, it's going to be the summer of cousins because, so let me back up. Rosa Linda Román (05:11): First of all, I think probably when I last recorded the plan was to go up the east coast for the summer. We were going to kind of prep the boat a little bit, add a few things here in West Palm Beach. Jesse Lieberman (05:23): And I was going to tag along as well. Rosa Linda Román (05:25): Yeah, and Jesse was going to help us with the crossing. We were going to go up to Jacksonville then St. Augustine, and then, cross the ocean from St. Augustine all the way up to North Carolina, where my brother and sister-in-law, my brother's stationed there in the Marines at Jacksonville, North Carolina. And then, from there, we were going to go up to Boston, New York, maybe all the way up to Maine. Well, you know, what happens when you make plans and everything changed since then. Rosa Linda Román (05:58): So, we went to Cancun for a week. And on the last day in Cancun, like, literally we were packing to go to the airport my husband got a note from his, like the big boss of his company saying that he wanted to offer him a job or to talk about a job. It ended up that they did offer it to him. But talk to him about a job here in south Florida, and specifically, here in Fort Lauderdale, which you know, is about an hour really from where the boat is currently docked which is a very big change, but you can hear helicopters right now. Is that a helicopter? Yeah. Well, you're going to hear a lot of noise, so I hope you guys know that by now with this podcast too there's always some background noise. It's either when I'm driving or cleaning the house or, you know, something else is noisy. So, hopefully, you're used to this by now. But anyway, and my first reaction when the suggestion was made that he was going to, you know, be offered this job, I thought, "Oh, well, you're not going to take that cause why aren't we moving toward like, you know, easing your way toward retirement so we could sail around the world?" Rosa Linda Román (07:13): But of course, I know my sweetheart and I know that he loves what he does. He's a physician, but he's also… so I probably talked about it on this podcast before, but Nathan was a mechanical engineer before he became a doctor. He went to medical school, started medical school at 40 years old. So, it's his second career. And he brings a lot to the table, because he has a background in business. And so, anyway, long story short, this job is going to involve a lot more work than what we were thinking he was going to do at least initially. And the theory is that he will, hopefully, set things up and have more flexibility after that. But initially, he's going to have to really do a lot of work. But so again, I thought that he was going to say, "Oh no, I'm not really interested in that. You know, I'm trying to ease my way out." Rosa Linda Román (08:07): But after I talked to him, I realized, "You're really excited about this. This is something you want to do." And he said, "Yeah, I really would love to do that." And I said, "Well, how can I say no to that, you know?" And so, we talked about it and decided, okay, you know, maybe we can stand Florida. Originally, we said, "Oh, we don't want to be in Florida for another summer, because last summer was so hot." And I love hot, but it was excessively hot. And so, I thought, okay, we're going to go up the east coast and we're not going to be in Florida in the heat of the summer. Well, best-laid plans. So, now it looks like we're going to hang out in probably the West Palm Beach area, because in addition to Nathan and his job, Ahava started getting back to the gym. Rosa Linda Román (08:55): And as you know, from, if you've listened for any length of time, our daughter, our 12-year-old is a competitive gymnast, and she… oh, that's Samuel in the back. You'll hear him every now and then too. We've got him watching a video with headphones on, but every now, and then, he'll just say something like, what was it that he blurted out a minute ago. Jesse Lieberman (09:12): Mother goose. Rosa Linda Román (09:13): Mother goose, humpty dumpty. We were like, "Oh, okay." But anyway, yeah, so he's got the electronic babysitter, right now. Anyway, so Ahava's very excited to be able to train much more this summer, at least, at the gym that she's at. And so, we said, "Okay, we'll stay." Samuel (09:37): The end. Rosa Linda Román (09:38): The end, we'll stay and kind of let her see this through a little bit. And Nathan kind of get things shored up with his new position. So, that was the decision. We were going to stay. At least the theory is we're going to try to sail to Puerto Rico by, like, I would like to spend December and January in Puerto Rico. And I can get into that later why, but that was the plan. So, that meant we were going to stay here and then, you know, Ahava, I can get her gymnastics time in and Nathan can get things shored up with his company. Well, the problem with that is I'm like, I feel like a caged animal. I was like, the boat hadn't been moving, we were just like at the marina, and I'm with the kids all the time, and Nathan's working a lot now. So, I was getting very frustrated. Well then, and we canceled basically our trip north. Well, all of a sudden Jesse's mom is getting married in what, a week? Yeah, no, the 20, yeah- Jesse Lieberman (10:48): A week and a half, 22nd. Rosa Linda Román (09:38): Like, a week and a half, right. And Jesse leaves here in like Thursday, and yeah, so with that in mind, I'm like, I would like to go to the wedding, but cost-wise, I was like, it's like $1,200 a ticket, and it would be the kids and me, and it was hard to justify that. And there's, you know, Ahava wants to do her training and, you know, we were struggling with that. Well, finally, I talked to my brother-in-law, who is in Arizona, and he has a camper which actually used to be our camper, and we sold it to him because we were never using it. Well, he hasn't been using it either. And so, we started talking and kind of brainstorming, and dreaming of, you know, different things. Rosa Linda Román (11:36): And I said, "Oh, what, what would it be like to just drive up there?" So, I fly to Arizona and drive up to Seattle? And my husband thinks we're crazy. He's like, "Why wouldn't you just fly?" Well, I like road trips and I like the adventure and that's the thing that I was feeling very caught with this new plan of staying in Florida. I was feeling frustrated because we weren't going to go anywhere. So, this morning and yesterday afternoon we have been talking about this new plan of potentially going on a road trip where I fly with Samuel to Arizona, meet my daughter, Ziva who will be at camp. They just were flying out to go to camp in New Mexico, my two daughters and my husband's flying them there. And then, after everybody's back we were just going to be here in Florida. Rosa Linda Román (12:30): Well, now Ziva is going to meet me in Arizona, Samuel, Ziva, my brother-in-law, Ari and I are going to drive up the west coast and go to Seattle. So, I'm sure I'll have many podcasts about that soon. But oh, oh, I don't know where I'm going. I think I have to go in this lane. Okay, let's see. So anyway, all of this to say I'm excited finally that yes we may stay put and the boat may not be going anywhere, but I will still be able to get some travel time in the summer. Now, the weird thing for me is that my daughter Ahava, the gymnast, does not want to come. And she wants to, she loves road trips, and she loves seeing the family too, but she is feeling stressed, because she wants to get that training in. Rosa Linda Román (13:28): So, we're going to make arrangements for her to be here in Florida and keep training. And I'll take the two youngest and we'll go on a road trip to see your mom and the rest of the family. Jesse Lieberman (13:40): Yeah. Rosa Linda Román (13:40): Yeah, so that's kind of what's on my mind this morning. I want to take a break, and then, when we come back, I want to talk to Jesse. I'm going to put you on the spot about what it's been like to visit us on the boat, because he's visited us in New Mexico, visited many times, but I think this is the first on the boat, right? Jesse Lieberman (14:00): It's one of the first on the boat. I was not on the boat with you guys last time. Rosa Linda Román (14:03): Yeah. Okay. All right. So, when we come back I'm going to interview Jesse Lieberman, stay tuned. Rosa Linda Román (14:25): Okay, we're back. And this time I've got the mic pointed in the general direction of Jesse. Jesse, so can you introduce yourself, first of all, what's your name? Jesse Lieberman (14:26): My name is Jesse Lieberman. Rosa Linda Román (14:27): And where do you live? Jesse Lieberman (14:28): I live in Seattle. Rosa Linda Román (14:29): And how old are you? Jesse Lieberman (14:30): 21. Rosa Linda Román (14:30): 21, okay. So, you're in college? Jesse Lieberman (14:32): Yes. Rosa Linda Román (14:33): And how are you associated with the Dawn Treader crew Jesse Lieberman (14:37): [indiscernible] so Nate's mother was my grandmother's sister. Rosa Linda Román (14:43): Okay. So, basically, he's your second cousin, right? Jesse Lieberman (14:47): Or first cousin once removed [crosstalk]. I think technically the kids are my second cousins. Rosa Linda Román (14:52): That's right, that's right, okay. We just learned that when I was in Cancun with my cousins, because it was my cousin's wedding, and then, her kids were there. And so, her kids and my kids are second cousins, and then, they were my first cousins once removed. So, that is correct. And we're about to get on I95. I'll warn you all, it's going to get much louder and I'm trying to make sure our little mount here doesn't fall off on the highway [crosstalk] right? So, sorry, I'm going to give you guys a little bit of noise. But hopefully, it'll help make a nicer recording in the long run. Let's move it toward Jesse. Okay, all right. But what I'm interested to talk about first is you didn't come straight from Seattle here. Jesse Lieberman (15:40): No. Rosa Linda Román (15:40): Where did you go? Jesse Lieberman (15:41): Well, first I went to Fort Lauderdale [indiscernible] I went to Jamaica for two weeks. Rosa Linda Román (15:48): And what did you do in Jamaica? Jesse Lieberman (15:49): Well, first it was my second time there. And so, the first time it was a school project and we stopped in Kingston for a day, and then, we traveled up way up to the mountains where there's no electricity, no internet, barely running water, all that jazz. And we worked in the schoolyards and hung out with people and stuff. Rosa Linda Román (16:06): What kind of [indiscernible] sorry, I know this is making a lot of noise. Let me we fix it, hang on. All right. We got a new mount and it's just not doing what it's supposed to. Jesse Lieberman (16:15): Shocking that product from Brookstone- Rosa Linda Román (16:17): I know [crosstalk]. I'm very disappointed. All right, so you said you went up to the mountains, what else- Jesse Lieberman (16:22): Went up to the highest community in the mountains. Rosa Linda Román (16:25): And so, like no electricity, no water. Jesse Lieberman (16:27): There was very limited electricity, there was about two outlets, a house, and one little light bulb for the light, and that was about it. Rosa Linda Román (16:35): And how did that come about? What prompted that trip? Jesse Lieberman (16:40): So, this was the second time going. I decided I wanted to go back to see the people I had met up there. And I had a friend who was going who was on the program last year with me. I decided I wanted to go again. And there was a friend who was going on it again as well. And the original time I went it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment decision. My English teacher, who I respected a lot had introduced me to the professor who runs the program. And he had been going up there for 35 years or something like that. And so, he knew everyone up there, and I thought, why not? Let's just try it out and stuff. And I went there the first time and made a lot of friends up there in the mountains, and really enjoying myself. So, I decided to go on back, and then, I thought, you know, since I don't have to stick with the school class program and do all the work as much afterwards I could stop and visit some relatives down in Florida. Rosa Linda Román (17:32): Yeah and that would be us. Jesse Lieberman (17:34): Yes. Rosa Linda Román (17:35): That's awesome. Well, you know, it's interesting. And I mean, not to like put your whole generation on spot, but you know, people hear that we're doing this, living on the boat with, you know, our family, and think we're crazy, but I actually think your generation is much more inclined to explore and to really not necessarily, like, you don't, I mean, yes, it's a little strange that we're doing this, but there's a lot more young people I think that, that are like, "oh yeah, that's really cool." You know? And the fact that you just they're like, I'm going to go down to Jamaica and- Jesse Lieberman (18:12): Yeah, yes. Rosa Linda Román (18:14): That's very cool. Jesse Lieberman (18:15): I know, and I had zero regrets about as it. I was nervous as all to get up the first time obviously. But then, I started to really enjoy it up there obviously, and made a lot of friends, and stuff that I still keep in touch with over Facebook and all that and stuff. So, even though they don't have internet, they manage to have Facebook on their cell phones and stuff, so… Rosa Linda Román (18:32): That's Funny. Yeah, so you said you did some work up there with them? What did you guys do? Jesse Lieberman (18:37): Well, for a couple of days we were working on the coffee farms, sifting coffee beans and stuff like that, moving around. But for the most part, most of the days we were working in the schools, teaching the classes, and stuff and because the classes are so under, it's one teacher per 35 little students and stuff, and they don't have any free time. So, we try to teach them a little… a few lessons plans here or there and give the teachers time to catch up on their work, to do whatever, be it grading or maybe writing tests, or whatever it may be, because they don't have any automated tests. They have to type them all up, and then, write them out by hand and stuff, because they don't have a photocopier machine, so we have to write and copy the tests for them. Rosa Linda Román (19:19): Wow, it reminds me of The Bahamas when we were in Georgetown where the kids went to the little local school. You know, I was reading with some of the kids and the teachers were so glad for just that little bit of break, yeah. Jesse Lieberman (19:37): So, even if we don't teach them a whole time, just kind of distracting them enough to stay, to keep things going on their end. Rosa Linda Román (19:45): What a cool experience for a young person like yourself to kind of see a different culture, and how they run things. That's very cool. Jesse Lieberman (19:55): Yeah, I know the favorite part was kind of being able to immerse yourself in the culture. And that was part of what kind of got me to go there was he really knew the culture and really it wasn't just kind of touristy traps sort of thing. I was actually getting to meet the people, and sit, and have dinner with them. They cooked local food for us every day. And then, we also cooked meals for them. And once in a while, and we had a lot of really good Jamaican food. Rosa Linda Román (20:18): Well, and I have to say, you brought us back to making coffee, which made you very welcome on our boat. Yeah, I was very happy because I actually had had Jamaican blue- Jesse Lieberman (20:31): Blue mountain. Rosa Linda Román (20:32): … coffee, blue mountain coffee when I was in college and I don't think I'd had it since. So, when you were like, "Hey, I brought you some coffee. I don't know if you're going to like it." I was like, "Oh my gosh, that's my favorite coffee from years back." So, that's awesome. Jesse Lieberman (20:47): Yeah. Rosa Linda Román (20:47): That was really good. Okay, so let's talk about your experience on the Dawn Treader. So, you came here, you visited us when we lived in New Mexico, up in the mountains and- Jesse Lieberman (20:58): Yes, a couple of times, yeah. Rosa Linda Román (20:59): Yeah, and we've seen you, like, we went up to Seattle to visit you as well. Jesse Lieberman (21:03): Bar mitzvah and stuff. Rosa Linda Román (21:04): Yeah, your bar mitzvah, and I think another, like a family wedding in Colorado. Jesse Lieberman (21:10): Yeah, yeah. We all saw each other at [indiscernible] in Colorado. Rosa Linda Román (21:13): Yeah, so you know, I've been with your cousin, first cousin [indiscernible] for 20 years. So, like almost your whole life- Jesse Lieberman (21:21): Yeah, it's true. Rosa Linda Román (21:22): I've known you. And it's really fun for me to see you grow up into this wonderful young man. But what do you think now that, I mean, first of all, it's so different here than where you visited us in New Mexico, right? Jesse Lieberman (21:38): Yes, definitely. Rosa Linda Román (21:40): What stands out? What was maybe your first impressions when you first got to Dawn Treader and, I mean, was it what you expected it was going to be? Jesse Lieberman (21:50): Yeah, I've seen enough photos on Facebook and stuff that I kind of had an idea of how the layout was going to work. I was impressed and shocked that Samuel and Ziva were sharing that same little bed in there with Ahava just kind of crammed in a separate little hole back there. As an only child, that's kind of hard to imagine doing that. Rosa Linda Román (22:11): Yeah, yeah, the difference. Jesse Lieberman (22:11): But, it was very cool. Rosa Linda Román (22:13): I always say they're kind of like a little pack of dogs or wolves who just like curl up together and they're fine. It's small space. And that is something that people comment all the time, "Well, you know, how do you do that and how do your kids handle being in close quarters?" But even in New Mexico, the girls share the… the three of them basically share this loft bed where, you know, they were together in this little nook, this cocoon, and you know, that's just how they were. So, it's actually more space probably now on the boat than they had in New Mexico. Jesse Lieberman (22:48): Yeah, they can get outside and go on the swing and stuff. Rosa Linda Román (22:51): Yeah. That's a new development. We just got this thing called a GUNGGUNG swing- Jesse Lieberman (22:55): I love what that [crosstalk]. Rosa Linda Román (22:55): … from IKEA and it hangs off a rope which is coming off the mast. It hangs over the side of the boat, over the water, and then they run back and forth along the side of the boat, over the water. And it's quite impressive. Jesse Lieberman (23:14): It's very impressive. Rosa Linda Román (23:16): It's probably not so much when you're sleeping in that cabin in there. Jesse Lieberman (23:19): No [crosstalk]. Rosa Linda Román (23:22): Yeah, so was your cabin what you expected? Jesse Lieberman (23:28): You know, it's not bad, it's not bad at all. It's actually a little more spacious than I expected. I think almost to say. It has its whole bathroom and stuff, a full bath. And after being in the mountains where I was rooming with three other people and then, the showers were just [indiscernible] with that kind of spat cold water out, and you literally will walk barefoot down there, it feels kind of first world. Believe it or not, even if I'm used to my own apartment and stuff. Rosa Linda Román (24:00): Yeah, that's true, that's. Well, and I think maybe that's going to be the trick. I'll have everybody visit us after going to like a third world country. So, I have other guests too. My cousin was telling me, she's like, "I don't know if I could do it." And I said, "You boat in New Mexico?" I mean, not New Mexico, they're from Chicago. So, like Michigan. You know, they're used to being on the water and she just, like, there would be in their mind the boat is so different than a house, you know? So yeah, maybe I'll just have them all go to some very remote place, and then, come visit us. Then it'll be palatial. Jesse Lieberman (24:40): Stick them out in a cabin for weeks. Rosa Linda Román (24:44): Right, right. Well, and we've had some experiences already since you've been with us when you came. So, we went to the beach, and stuff like that. We've taken the boat out a few times, and the first time was interesting with you. That did not go as expected? I Jesse Lieberman (25:00): No, I did not, not as expected. Rosa Linda Román (25:02): What happened? Jesse Lieberman (25:02): I got seasick and I rarely get seasick that I can even remember if ever. And I was kind of irritated with everything or myself being seasick. I was like, what the heck is going on here? Rosa Linda Román (25:14): Yeah, he had said, and we kind of laughed about this, because it seems like whenever you say I never, and then fill in the blank, whatever that thing that you're never going to do, or you've never had that happen- Jesse Lieberman (25:26): Never get sunburned, never throw up on the boat. Rosa Linda Román (25:30): Those are the things that ended up happening. Like, once I said, my car had broken down in Valdosta, Georgia on my way, driving from college, and University of Florida, Gainesville to Chicago, my car broke down in Valdosta, and I said, "I would never live here." Well, my first job out of college was in Valdosta, Georgia. And it was a great experience, by the way. But anyway, when Jesse said when he came to the boat, he's like, "I kind of got on in and I'm like, you got to put on sunblock because I thought I'd have a sunburn." Jesse Lieberman (26:01): For the record, I went to the beach the first day I was fine, I didn't get sunburn. Rosa Linda Román (26:06): Yeah, that's true. But then something about being on the water, it must reflect the sun or you just don't even realize that- Jesse Lieberman (26:11): Sitting out at the front of the boat, trying to avoid getting more seasick, not being able to hide in the shade at all. Rosa Linda Román (26:19): That's true, oh yeah. Jesse Lieberman (26:18): But the odds were against me. Rosa Linda Román (26:19): You said you never get seasick. And he did, but you know, it happens to the best of us. We've all been there and there is Samuel. His [indiscernible] must be done again. He's watching these little shorts like Hansel and Gretel and- Jesse Lieberman (26:36): Mother Goose. Rosa Linda Román (26:36): Mother Goose tales and every now and then we'll come up for air if we're driving. Okay, those were some unexpected experiences, but what are some of the things that are memorable that you've enjoyed just that maybe you didn't expect? Jesse Lieberman (26:53): That I didn't expect? Rosa Linda Román (26:54): Yeah. Jesse Lieberman (26:54): I'd say just hanging out with the family has been really enjoyable, while your kids keeping me on my toast, to say the least, they crack me up all them, even when they're become mean to each other at laugh. I don't know if that's the right thing to do, but I do. Rosa Linda Román (27:10): But you are such a good sport about things and perfect example, sorry, I'm going to to tell you guys something that happened yesterday. So, we had just gotten back from dinner and we met some friends up in Jupiter for dinner and we got back, and I was helping my kids pack, and I was really focused on that and it was bedtime. And so, I was really kind of into my own little world doing what has to be done before the kids take a trip and making sure Samuel got to bed, all that. And all of a sudden I went to go put something outside and there's Jesse standing there, and he's like, "Oh, well, I fell in." And I go, "What?" And I thought he was joking. And like, "Oh, I fell in. You didn't even know I was out here." And I was like, "That's funny". And then I look and he's dripping wet. And I pulled out the video camera, of course, because I'm mean, that's what I do. And so, I was recording. I'm like, "Oh, so you fell in." He's like, "Yeah, I did. I was…" What happened? How did you fall in? Jesse Lieberman (28:14): I was making a fuss, trying to make a phone call to a friend as I was trying to dismount the boat and the boat was a little farther away from the dock, goes around the back end of it. And I missed my footing and didn't look where I was stepping and fell right in. Rosa Linda Román (28:30): Oh, my. And so, I- Jesse Lieberman (28:32): But I was able to rescue my phone as I was falling in and realized I was falling in. I managed to reactively, put my phone on the side, on the dock as I was falling, and to save my phone. Rosa Linda Román (28:44): Very well played, well played. Jesse Lieberman (28:46): Thank you. Rosa Linda Román (28:46): Yeah, it was funny, because then I was talking to you on the video and I'm like, "Hey, so…" You know, and it was kind of funny, and you're laughing, and you're being a good sport. And I looked down, you guys need to know my husband's a doctor, but I'm the opposite of a doctor. I will faint at the sight of blood. I cannot handle like medical emergencies in any way. And so, I'm talking to Jesse, and I see him dripping wet, and that's kind of funny. And I looked down and he is bleeding, like, really bleeding. And he's like, "Yeah, I kind of cut myself." I'm like, "Okay." I just thought [crosstalk] I totally- Jesse Lieberman (29:27): [indiscernible]. Rosa Linda Román (29:28): I totally abandoned Jesse. I run in the house. I'm like, "Nathan, Jesse's bleeding. Get outside." It was like… Jesse Lieberman (29:35): [indiscernible] telling Nathan said? Rosa Linda Román (29:36): I don't. Yeah, you can. Jesse Lieberman (29:37): Well, I don't remember what he said exactly, "That idiot." Something along that line. Rosa Linda Román (29:41): You have to know that Nathan, he loves Jesse, and he loves to give him endless heck about everything. Now, they are like opposite sides of the political spectrum. They have these great debates that I have to like say, "Okay guys enough, I cannot handle all of these discussions.' Well, when I said to Nathan, I said, "Nathan, Jesse fell in." He's like, "Dumb ass." I was like, "He's bleeding, go help him." That was so Nathan. Oh, my gosh. Jesse Lieberman (29:37): I was, yeah, I was very, yes. Rosa Linda Román (30:19): He got you [indiscernible]. You didn't need stitches. I was convinced you were going to need stitches. Jesse Lieberman (30:24): No, he just put the disinfect and stuff. And I was impressed with the little kit he had. I guess it was a doctor and it reminded me of, I guess, his father's kit when I got hurt in New Mexico, not New Mexico, Arizona. I went out in Arizona. That's how I think I first met you guys. Probably I was visiting- Rosa Linda Román (30:43): Yeah [crosstalk]. Jesse Lieberman (30:43): Anyway, the kit was just like a fancy little kit. Like, when I had gotten hit by or stepped on a cactus back then and stuff, I was very impressed with the whole kit and stash of everything he had. Rosa Linda Román (30:57): Well, I always tell people when we're at an anchorage, I always try to tell people, "Hey, you know, Nathan is a doctor. He has everything on board. Like, he's stitched people up, you know, whatever you need, we try to keep those things handy. I mean, if there's a heaven, forbid someone needs an EpiPen. You know, if there's like that imminent emergency and you're out at a remote anchorage, you can't just go to the local urgent care or ER, right?" So, we do try to keep the essentials on board. And I was convinced you were going to need stitches, but… Jesse Lieberman (31:32): I liked a second thing also after the first comment to me, he goes, "Jesse, you're bleeding all over my boat." I was like, "I'm sorry." Rosa Linda Román (31:45): That is so Nathan. You're like, "Oh." They told me later he said, you know, I don't know if I ever told him, you need to put pressure on that wound, so it stopped the bleeding. And so, that he felt bad that he like was just giving you heck and he probably should've given you instructions a little bit more, but you were fine. And all of that ends well. The other thing that I got a kick out of that from that whole experience, so two crew members immediately made a beeline away from the blood, which is Ziva and me, and that Samuel, Ahava, and Nathan went for, you know, the situation at hand. And Samuel was really interested in it. And Nathan told me, Samuel said at one point to you something like, "I hate to tell you this, but it's going to hurt." Because he was going to like do something to the wound. And then, when, you know, he told you he was going to hurt, Nathan said Samuel put his hands over his ear. Jesse Lieberman (32:50): Yeah, he was assuming I was going to scream. And then, he was like, "Oh, I guess you didn't." Rosa Linda Román (32:59): I guess you didn't scream. Oh, my gosh. It's funny, you know, talking with you I realize as we're recording, it's kind of got to be fun or interesting for the listeners, because usually, it's just me in a monologue. Like, this is what's happened this week, this is what's going on. But having you here really adds a lot of the color to what the day-to-day experience is. Jesse Lieberman (33:19): I'm glad I can add something. Rosa Linda Román (33:22): Well, and speaking of experiences, we had another crazy experience this week. It was the 4th of July, right? Jesse Lieberman (33:29): Yea, that was very cool. Rosa Linda Román (33:31): Yeah, from your perspective, what was that like? Jesse Lieberman (33:35): Well, it was just definitely, so I'm in Seattle, I live in Seattle, I live in Seattle, obviously and fireworks, we always just watch them on TV because traffic is so fricking bad nowadays. You have to leave at seven o'clock in the evening to get anywhere where you can stand and actually see anything and stuff. So, we were able to actually sail out. That was cool to be on the boat. And I saw the people waiting on the shore, and I was like, I used to be you guys, losers. Rosa Linda Román (34:03): Yeah, it's so spectacular. So, this time last year for the 4th of July we anchored in the same spot, which was off of in front of like downtown West Palm Beach there's this anchorage that you can be really close to where the fireworks barge is that they shoot the fireworks off of, in the intercoastal. And last year it was a perfect experience. Like, perfect view, unencumbered, gorgeous, the night was just stunning. So, we did the same thing this year. Well, apparently the winds were different this year and the entire thing was pushed like all the ash and silk. And literally, it felt like someone was throwing pebbles at us. Jesse Lieberman (34:48): Stunning inhale. Rosa Linda Román (34:49): Yeah, it was like little hail of ash hitting us. And the boat was covered from stem to stern, stern to about, I guess, covered in this ash and black soot. And it was a totally different experience. And again, Jesse was a good sport about the whole thing. And you know, he's looking… I like that you always look at the bright side. Now, you don't do that when it comes to politics or [crosstalk]. Jesse Lieberman (35:17): That's true, that's true. Rosa Linda Román (35:18): But, when it comes to people, I noticed you're very positive, and you're very open with your, you know, very openhearted about people. Jesse Lieberman (35:27): Yeah, something I've tried to work on in the last few years, just in general, and stuff, and [indiscernible] some touch. That's good to hear. Rosa Linda Román (35:34): That's very true [indiscernible]. I do not say that lightly. So yeah, I mean, we've had some experiences. We are now going to wrap this trip up and I'll wrap up this podcast too. After we get back to the boat, we've got a couple of days here, and then, we're going to go up to Orlando to see my brother who was coming down with his wife and my nephew from Chicago. They're actually driving down. And then, we'll spend a few days in Orlando before you head out. Jesse Lieberman (36:04): Orla. Rosa Linda Román (36:04): Yeah, and then, maybe we'll be meeting you in the Seattle area [crosstalk]. Jesse Lieberman (36:09): Totally, the Pacific Northwest for the wedding. Rosa Linda Román (36:11): That would be good. Jesse Lieberman (36:11): That would be awesome. I hope we can do that. Rosa Linda Román (36:14): So, any advice for anyone that might be thinking about visiting friends on a boat? Jesse Lieberman (36:20): Don't make phone calls while you're dismounting the boat. Rosa Linda Román (36:27): Good advice. Jesse Lieberman (36:27): I would say that's the best I can say. Rosa Linda Román (36:28): And the funniest part about that is earlier in the day we were walking in some mall area and he was just, you know, responding to a text of a friend. And I said, because I'm very aware of my kids and you know, they're learning from and everyone in our environment. And so, I always point out the things that we do or we don't do. And I said to Jesse, "Hey, Jesse, we have a rule that we don't look at our devices when we're walking." And I did it, right? I had [crosstalk]- Jesse Lieberman (37:01): Yes, yes, you had. Rosa Linda Román (37:02): Because I don't want my kids like on their iPads while they're walking, or even my husband, and myself, we have to not do that. I try to catch myself. There's my phone. It's spam, I think. I get a lot of spam calls. Anyway, so it was kind of funny that I had said that in that, whoops, now you know why I have the policy. Jesse Lieberman (37:26): Evidently. Rosa Linda Román (37:28): It's been really fun having you. Jesse Lieberman (37:29): Oh, good. I'm really glad to hear that. I've really enjoyed being here and seeing you guys, and just keep in touch with family and stuff. I felt like it's really worth the time and energy to finally communicate with you guys a few times and managed to make it happen, that it actually happened. Rosa Linda Román (37:45): Well, that's the biggest lesson [crosstalk]. That's the biggest lesson when you have friends who either live on a boat, or maybe in an RV, or whatever you got to be willing to roll with whatever their crazies are because Jesse made it work. A lot of people are like, "Well, where are you going to be on September 25th?" And I'm like, "I have no idea." But he was like, "Well, I'm going to Jamaica. And I'd love to come see you. Do you think you'll be in The Bahamas then?" And I'm like, "I have no idea where we'll be." So, I really appreciated his willingness to roll with it. And because of that, I think we've had some fun adventures and that's basically how we are. We just roll with it. And I think people that belong to our tribe, as you will, if you will always are okay with that, because I'm the kind of person like my brother's going to be in Orlando. Rosa Linda Román (38:36): That's like a three-and-a-half-hour drive. That's fine. I'll drive up. I don't care. You know, like for me, distance is a state of mind and you can do all kinds of things if you set your mind to it and decide what you want, then you find a way to make it happen. And I think that's a good place to wrap up this episode of New Mexi-Castaways. I really appreciated getting the chance to chat with Jesse. And thank you guys for listening. If you like these episodes and you want just kind of more of the day-to-day snippets, I do a lot of audio podcasting, if you will, or broadcasting on an app called anchor.fm, and that is New Mexicast also on anchor, or you can see some of the Facebook lives like when we did the fireworks show. I streamed that, a little bit of it live on my Facebook page, and that is also New Mexicast. All right, thanks for tuning in, I'm Rosa Linda Román and this is New Mexi-Castaways.

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