NM0043 – Families Helping Families Christmas Spirit

Rosa Linda

Hello Friends!

My family just returned from a quick weekend trip to Puerto Peñasco, or Rocky Point, Mexico. With that lovely beach scene still fresh in my mind I am especially excited to share this episode with you now. It is part 3 of my special 4-part series on the volunteer work being done by American groups in Puerto Peñasco, or Rocky point, Mexico. Specifically, this episode focuses on the organization known as “Families Helping Families” and their Christmastime trip to build homes for the impoverished community there.

With the help of more fabulous footage from Jonathan Cracroft we get the chance to learn more about the people who make it all possible. We also get the chance to see the group go the extra mile to turn an average day in December into a true Christmas miracle for many families.

Next up, the final installment of the series with one family’s surprise of a lifetime!


Lots of Love,

Rosa Linda Román

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