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– While the rest of you are getting back to your real lives after summer vacation, we here at New Mexicast are still savoring the lovely summer, with a story about the “Summer of Love” in Taos, New Mexico.

You have heard me mention Taos’ big tourism campaign during the last few episodes (if you haven’t seen them yet, go check out the Dennis Hopper and Ballooning in Taos stories and the Totally Taos audio podcast), but this week I wanted to share a really neat story about a woman who was at the original “Summer of Love” and many other significant events from the 60’s. Her name is Lisa Law and for more than 40 years she has been making quite a name for herself through the photos she has taken.

Enjoy a glimpse at the past and then go write a comment somewhere on the website so you can get entered in our next gift bag giveaway. Lisa Law’s book will be in there along with lots of other awesome goodies.

Finally, I leave you with a tease… in the intro I mentioned a little about a “major lifestyle change” that my family is going through. Well, I think “major” may be an understatement. So, if you want to learn the latest, you will just have to stay tuned! That’s right, I want you to stick around for awhile.

I can’t wait to fill you in and share the adventures with you, my loyal viewers.

Lots of love,

Rosa Linda

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