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Have you ever undertaken a project that you were excited about only to wonder if you are out of your league? Well, this week’s story is like that for me. In fact, the story is so important that I have decided to turn it into a two part series (which has never been done before here on New Mexicast).

So this week’s episode is part one. It is about an amazing man named Stephen Falk. He has made it his personal mission to research his family tree and to preserve what he can after so much damage was done during the Holocaust. The information he has provided me with for this story is impressive. I only wish I had the time and resources to turn this amazing life’s work into the documentary that it deserves to be. Hopefully, this two part series will at least do a small part to share his work with the world. If you want to learn more, please check out the Falk Family History page on FamilyHistory.org. Here’s the link:


After you watch Stephen’s story, I know you will be excited about the next episode of New Mexicast, which will be his mother, Gabrielle Falk’s story.


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Rosa Linda

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