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Rosa Linda

Hello Friends,

First of all, to those of you that just discovered the New Mexicast because of the “Manic Mommies,” welcome!

For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, I have to share some exciting news: I was interviewed by the hosts of my favorite podcast, the Manic Mommies and am featured in this week’s episode. You can listen to the interview (and the entire episode) by clicking where it says “Rosa Linda on Manic Mommies” on the right hand side of www.Newmexicast.com

By the way, the reason they interviewed me is because I interviewed them while my family was vacationing in the Massachusetts area, so be sure to check back here to see my story about the Manic Mommies. (It won’t be the next episode, but probably the one after that.) For now, go learn more about Erin and Kristin and their AWESOME podcast “For Moms trying to do it all… and then some!” at their website: www.ManicMommies.com

Now, on to this week’s episode:

One of the best things about doing independent reporting is that I get to tell stories about people and places that I find interesting; people like the subject of this week’s episode. Harp Corrigan is a self-taught, Aeolian harp maker.

What, you ask, is an Aeolian harp? Well, the short answer is: it’s an ancient wind harp. But that explanation doesn’t do them justice. For a much more thorough explanation please visit Harp’s website at: www.HarpMaker.net

I hope you find Harp as fascinating as I did. I also hope you’ll either subscribe to this video podcast or check back here in two weeks for another edition of the New Mexicast.

Rosa Linda

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