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Rosa Linda

Hello Friends!

As mentioned in the last blog post (HM0001 – Blog: Surprises) this next entry was written about a month ago as part of my personal journal. In it, my big secret is revealed. Enjoy:

September 30, 2009 – 5:05am

I should be sleeping. After all, my daughters, dog and husband are still sleeping and they all went to bed at a decent hour last night. I went to bed just 5 hours ago. So why in the world am I awake?

Well, how could I NOT be awake and thinking given the crazy adventure we have embarked on? Remember the secret I mentioned? Well, it’s time to tell the world what we’re really up to…

…drum roll, please….

We moved onto a boat. Seriously. A boat.

Our new floating home

When I take a minute to catch my breath and think about all that has happened in the past month, I realize it’s almost impossible to believe that we are really living the dream. The dream which required uprooting our family, putting all our stuff in storage, the house up for rent and moving onto a boat with my husband, two little girls (2 and 4 years old) and a large German Shepherd.

Our beautiful boat babiesOur beautiful boat babies

When we finally decided to go for it and move aboard, I really struggled with how to tell my land-locked family and friends about this insanity. I worried about how it would make them worry. I worried no one would understand. I worried that my already fragile resolve to do this would be shattered by naysayers. But the more I worried, the more I realized the only logical approach was to listen to the wisdom of a child.

Our home in New Mexico sits on 75 acres in the mountains outside of Albuquerque. Around that property there’s a jogging trail that my husband built for me right after our first daughter was born. The trail is only 1.3 miles long, but it’s anything but a walk in the park. It is rocky, forested and very steep in places. Still, several times a week I took the BOB double jogger (LOVE that thing!) and pushed my girls around that challenging trail.

Sleeping sisters in BOB Double JoggerSleeping sisters in BOB Double Jogger

Sometimes, as I struggled to push the 100+ pounds up one particularly difficult section, I would get stuck and stand on the hillside huffing and puffing, not moving an inch. Once, when my insightful little daughter heard me panting like a dog (while the real dog was running circles around us) she said the following:

“You can do it mama! Little by little, bit by bit!”

And she was right. I always found a way to do it when I just took it little by little.

So, that is how I decided to approach the boat issue with my loved ones and how I will share it here on New Mexicast: Little by little, bit by bit.

I hope you will join us on this wild journey!

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