NM0019 – Fiery Foods

– New Mexico’s most Enchanting Video Podcast gets even hotter this week with a trip to the Fiery Foods and BBQ Show at the Sandia Resort and Casino in Albuquerque.

I first interviewed Dave DeWitt, Co-Producer of the Fiery Foods & BBQ Show, more than 10 years ago right after I moved to Albuquerque to work at KOAT-7. Back then I didn’t know the first thing about chile (or chili for that matter). That interview was a crash course in Southwestern cuisine for me. While I am still a certified “wimp” when it comes to spicy food, I have come to appreciate the fact that when people leave the state of New Mexico, they have friends mail them green chile because they miss the flavor so much. I hope seeing this story will give you just a “taste” of what this Land of Enchantment has to offer.

After watching the story, consider following Dave DeWitt on Twitter (@FieryFoods) or visiting the Fiery Foods and Barbecue SuperSite where he blogs.

Also, please take the New Mexicast survey. It is not very long and your feedback is so helpful. Plus, you could win a great New Mexicast gift bag with goodies from: Dave DeWitt himself, jewelry maker Gemstar Dezigns, Chavela’s Salsa …and lots of other great stuff from the Land of Enchantment.

Finally, I want to welcome all the spicy new friends from Taste the Fear.com, Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else that brought you to this Enchanting Video Podcast.

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Lots of love,
Rosa Linda

P.S. Don’t forget to watch the bloopers… the last one in particular makes me smile (hmmm… I wonder why! LOL!).

10 thoughts on “NM0019 – Fiery Foods

  1. @Rich – So glad you checked out the story! Sorry it made you feel lonely! LOL! I have to say that I was an anti-chile type until I met Dave DeWitt and went to the Fiery Foods & BBQ show! Now I am starting to find myself ordering things without saying “chile on the side!”

    Thanks again for the visit and for following me on Twitter!

  2. @Brian – Thanks for the kind words. Debated about the flaming Rosa Linda start. Glad it was well received. On the “Buddah” get… just got lucky. I was interviewing someone about a sauce called “Besito Caliente” (hot kiss) and Buddah came up to tell me that it had recently won the award on Taste The Fear. Lucky me and lucky viewers, I think!

    @Barb – Join the wimp club! Actually, who do you think I got that “delicate palate” (as someone kindly called it at the show)from anyway!?! LOL!

  3. Good reporting, but made me feel sick just to think of eating any of it! I am the supreme WIMP when it comes to even slightly spicy foods!

  4. Nice job on the vid! I was there all weekend, what a blast.
    The Flaming Rosa Linda at Flaming Joes was a great beginning.
    And you got Buddah. He’s usually so shy. 🙂

  5. @Nathan – Not at all biased on the cute kids, right? LOL!

    @eric – That is HILARIOUS! You would make a fortune. I’d be first in line!

  6. Really enjoyed this one. The outtakes were great! Cute kids.

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