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NM104 Manic Mommies

If you frequently find yourself so busy with the kids and work that you can't remember which way is up, you need to meet the Manic Mommies. (more…)

NM103 Cool Critters

It's time to meet some cool critters! (more…)

NM102 Fall Fun

Get ready for some Fall Fun, New Mexico-style! From Balloons, to pumpkins to pinto beans, this episode's got it all! (more…)

NM101 Wild West

It's a wild and spicy time in New Mexico at the End of Trail and the Fiery Foods show! If you love the Wild West, then this episode is for you.  (more…)

New Mexicast TV

Hello Friends, Long time no post! So much has happened since I last posted a video here on NewMexicast.com that I couldn't possibly bring you all up to speed in one simple post. But let me at least give you the biggest news... New Mexicast is now a weekly TV show! For the past 8 months or so I have been working on putting together a half hour TV show which airs weekly in Albuquerque. Now, after successfully completing Season 1 (13 episodes) I finally have a moment to pay some attention to my dear, neglected website and my most…

NM0044 – Dreams Come True

Hello Friends! For the past 3 episodes, I have had the privilege of sharing sharing stories about benevolent Americans working to build homes for the seriously poor in Puerto Penasco, or Rocky Point, Mexico. We have visited the construction sites to see all the volunteers hard at work. Through two U.S.-based organizations (i6Eight and Families Helping Families Mexico) hundreds of people ranging from young kids to grandparents have built dozens of homes. The volunteers certainly do it for selfless reasons; helping to break the cycle of poverty for so many families. But the truth is, they get something pretty special…

NM0043 – Families Helping Families Christmas Spirit

Hello Friends! My family just returned from a quick weekend trip to Puerto Peñasco, or Rocky Point, Mexico. With that lovely beach scene still fresh in my mind I am especially excited to share this episode with you now. It is part 3 of my special 4-part series on the volunteer work being done by American groups in Puerto Peñasco, or Rocky point, Mexico. Specifically, this episode focuses on the organization known as "Families Helping Families" and their Christmastime trip to build homes for the impoverished community there. With the help of more fabulous footage from Jonathan Cracroft we get…

NM0042 – Families Helping Families

Hello Friends! We are coming up on the 5 year anniversary of the launch of New Mexicast! (Crowd goes WILD!!!!) Over the past 5 years of working independently through New Mexicast there have been a variety of stories that captured my interest. Some are what I like to call "one-stop-shopping," where I go, shoot an event and put together a stand-alone story which really needs no follow up. Some examples, off the top of my head, are: End of Trail, Bug Hunt, Fiery Foods, Dancing Dogs, Exotics of the Rainforest, Junior Junkanoo and Key West just to name a few.…

NM0041 – Puerto Peñasco

Hello Friends! As many of you know, I am a fair-weather fan. If given the choice between snow or the beach, I will choose the beach every time; a preference that isn't always compatible with living in New Mexico. Luckily, over the past year we have rediscovered a beach that we used to visit more than 5 years ago when our first daughter was about 2; Puerto Peñasco, Mexico or "Rocky Point." It is an easy drive from Arizona and San Diego and not an unreasonable drive even from Albuquerque. But, like much of Mexico, it is a community of…

NM0040 – Manic Mommies Escape

Hello Friends, I don't know about the rest of you, but this has been one trying year for my family; a lot of loss, a lot of heartache and a lot of figuring out how to live with the new "normal." As we all reassess, regroup and move forward, one of the best things I decided to do recently was to go on a ladies-only weekend. Because I have gone on this "Manic Mommies Escape" twice before (and because I once featured the Manic Mommies podcast here on New Mexicast: Click here to see that story) I knew many of…

Sky News

Happy Election-Day Eve everyone! In the run up to the US Presidential Election, the British broadcasting company "Sky News" asked me to create a video for their "50 States: 50 Voices" election special coverage. The video was originally only available on Sky News' iPad app but it is now featured on their website. Here's the link: Sky News' 50 States: 50 Voices I was also asked to participate in their live-chat coverage today (November 5th - the day before the actual election) but in typical, baby-brain fashion, I forgot about the daylight savings time change and totally missed it. Still,…

NM0039 – Key West

KEY WEST - New Mexi-Castaways heads to the Florida Keys for a sunset celebration. (more…)

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