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Because every New Mexicast episode is positive, family-friendly and evergreen (meaning it is not dated, and is available to viewers now and for many years to come), advertising on New Mexicast is always a great investment. This Marketing packet has details on how your company can sponsor an Enchanting episode of New Mexicast TV.

Click here to download the .pdf file ~~~> New_Mexicast_Sponsorship_options 

In case, after viewing this information, you know of a company that would like to be a story sponsor, here are details on the stories from Season 1 (many of which are still available for online sponsorship): ~~~> Season 1 stories

Check back soon for Season 2’s story lineup. (Those will be available for TV and online sponsorship.)

Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors who helped me keep New Mexico’s most Enchanting Video Podcast alive all these years and have now made New Mexicast TV the enchanting, weekly TV show that it is!

If you need any further information feel free to contact me at:

-Rosa Linda

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